Wrike Review - A Project Management Software

Wrike is a project management software offering a great variety of features such as real-time collaboration, time tracking, financial management, visual reporting, interactive Gantt charts, etc. It is developed in such a way that it is equally suitable for larger organizations as well as individual freelancers. This business management software is like an all in one solution, which can be used by people within every business department. All the professionals such as managers, CEOs, salespeople, marketers, and directors can use this software to connect to their teams in a better way.

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Top features

  • Fast and efficient task management

All of the main features of this software are built into tasks. The users will be able to find collaboration, file management, and email integration capabilities.

  • Email integration

Wrike comes with an excellent email integration feature through users can comment and discuss tasks within the application with the others. They can direct their message to anyone among their team members by throwing an @ symbol in front of their name. The attention will bring by the message in many different ways, which also includes email. The sender will be notified by email and within Wrike, if someone gives a response to their message.

  • Document editor

It is an excellent feature of the software through which different people can edit it rather than uploading and downloading the same file. They can even go to the third party sources such as Google Docs, where they can edit a document within the software easily. An editor with real-time collaborations to keep an eye on the changes.

  • Other notable features

Management of the product backlog, cross-project resource allocation, assignment of stakeholders, supporting multiple projects, cross-project dependencies and resource management.

Features Walkthrough

Wrike Plans

There are four types of Wrike software plans from which users can choose as per their own requirement:

  • Free plan

It is the basic plan through which a simple list of the tasks can create for the team up to 5 persons. In the free version, Wrike offer features such as task management, a spreadsheet view, real-time activity stream and basic integrations.

  • Professional plan

It is a professional plan through which users can have access to full project planning and collaboration. It is an annual plan, which costs $9.80/ month for one user. A Professional plan is available for 5, 10 or 15 users. The professional package offers features such task & subtask management, advanced integrations, shareable dashboards, unlimited collaborators and 5 GB of storage space.

  • Business plan

The Business plan is specially designed for large organizations and offer robust work management features with the exec reporting and customization. The plan can be used for 5 to 200 users and costs $24.80/ month for one user. It includes features such as resource management, request forms, time tracking, sales force integration and branded workspace.

  • Enterprise plan

It is a customized plan, which gives access to the comprehensive work management features. An Enterprise plan available for 5 to any amount of users. The users need to contact Wrike to know the pricing of this plan.

The enterprise plan has features such as Active Directory Integration, two-factor authentication, password policies, user audit reports and 100 GB of storage space.

A free trial is available for all the plans by the Wrike.

wrike plans and pricing

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  • Social Collaboration

Wrike is a perfect example of the collaboration software. The software has a built-in social network to encourage feedback and knowledge sharing.

  • Mobile notifications

SMS text messaging notifications is also a great feature by wrike to keep a connection with users all the time.

  • Dynamic issue tracking

The management comes with a dynamic issue tracking through users are allowed to resolve issues via multiple workflows. That means that any problems with the new product development project can be handled in a different way than bugs in the latest IT implementation.

  • Quick setup

The software is very easy to set up and supports an endless number of projects.

  • Powerful file management

The file management feature offered by the Wrike is better than any other software available in the market. It is powerful enough to replace a third-party management solution completely. It is always best to place everything in one place.

  • Coding of functions by the users

The software comes with its own software development kit, which allows the users to create custom features.



  • Average functionality

If the users have lots of tasks and folders into the Wrike, then the things become complicated. The features allow a high-level view in place, but it will not work out in a good way while using Wrike.

  • System lag

While using the Wrike software, the system can lag on loads many times and needs a hard browser refresh Chrome browser extension. The system needs to have some more customized look.

  • Mobile issues

There are lots of users who have complained about the reliability issues in the mobile app of Wrike. Even some users have reported about its poor integration with the web app and others say that it often loses sync.

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Final Comment

We can see that it has more positives than the negatives and in general terms, it seems like a great choice for the project management needs of an organization. Wrike focuses on the communication and provides many ways to analyze the progress. The users can collaborate and share files easily within the Wrike. In addition to this, the software is quite useful while emailing and users can experience lots of features with this software. I will strongly suggest you choose Wrike if you are looking for a project management and collaboration tool. You can also check out the Wrike Reviews on financesonline.com to read more about Wrike.

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