With the massive expansion of blogs on the internet, the number of blogs on the internet is growing exponentially. There are 100s of blogging platforms available on the internet, most of which take less than few minutes to setup and go live. Because of this huge number of options, people often get confused about which platform to choose, WordPress or Blogger. In the end most people end up choosing any of two best platforms i.e. WordPress or Blogger. So let’s try to evaluate both the platforms on the basis of some major factors which one should consider while choosing a blogging platform.

Domain Hosting
With Blogger, you get free hosting for custom domain. Same is not true for WordPress where is you wish to have a custom domain, you need to pay for your own hosting service.

Security and Backup
One of the major concerns of bloggers is the blog security and backup. In case of Blogger, security and backup are both assured by Google. So blogger is typically considered safe and secure. Having said that, although WordPress is also secure but you need to take some additional measures to ensure that your WordPress blog is secure. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure the safety of your blog when using WordPress.

Money Making
In case of Blogger, Google AdSense and Google Plus are integrated by default. So not much effort is needed there. In case of WordPress you need to explicitly setup Google AdSense to start making money.

WordPress or Blogger

Comment Moderation
Comment moderation is an issue with blogger. If we talk about any successful blog hosted on blogger, there will be huge number of people commenting each day. The admin would have to go on individual post and reply to comments of visitors, which is a very time consuming task in its own. However in case of WordPress, there are readymade plugins available which come packed with advanced features like controlling comment spam.

Blogging Tools
When talking about the blogging tools, WordPress is miles ahead of any blogging platform on the planet. It has plugins available for anything and everything. For example for Search Engine Optimization, Comment Moderation, Show upcoming posts and what not.

Customization is the power of WordPress. The whole look and feel of the blog can be changed instantly with the help of any existing theme. Also with the availability of huge number of free as well as paid themes, it’s just a matter of few clicks to completely transform your blog. Blogger has its limitations in this area. It doesn’t have such large theme base and those limited themes also offer limited functionality.  Also as WordPress is open source, anyone can customize it including creating custom plugins.

Page Size
One of the major drawback of using Blogger is the limitation on the size of each page. No page on blogger can be bigger than size of 1 MB. So if your pages are going to be image heavy, this is going to be a big problem for you. Whereas when using WordPress, there is no such limitation. You can have as big pages as you wish.

Overall, to be honest, both WordPress and Blogger have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no clear single winner when choosing between them. So the best approach is to take into account the above mentioned factors while choosing a platform and decide based on your custom needs. Also it is worthwhile to mention that if you choose one of them now and later realize that the other one suits your needs better, there are ways to migrate your blog from one platform to another. So don’t worry and go with what feels right now whether it is WordPress or Blogger.

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