The WordPress platform has been around for a long while and is the perfect decision if you want to start your blog. It is very user friendly and easy to customize. If you are new to WordPress then this question will definitely comes in your mind. And you have no idea whether WordPress.org is better or Free WordPress.com is better for you. In this article we will compare WordPress.com and WordPress.org. We will also share which WordPress is better for you. Both the platforms are free of cost but are different from each other. We can use both the platforms for hosting our website content and publishing of out blog posts. Before choosing between WordPress.com and wordpress.org we should go more profound in the world of WordPress to understand the difference.


WordPress.com vs WordPress.Org

What is WordPress.Org?

It is very easy to use and completely free. It’s a self hosted wordpress blog.Self hosted means you have full control over your website. It is the most popular CMS ( Content Management System) platform in the world for blogging websites. In this you can upload plugins and use them according to your requirements. Moreover you can customize themes or you can upload custom themes. Basically it is offered by your hosting providers which you can install on your hosting. WordPress.org supports PHP and MySQl. If you have a web hosting you can go for wordpress.org. Like other websites you need to have a good web hosting this means you have to buy your hosting. The price of the hosting depends upon your requirement and may vary from $4 to $10. There are many hosting companies out there but you can go for BlueHost, Hostgator and HostMantra as they can offer you best hosting services at affordable prices.

To have wordpress.org you have to be conscious about so many things to run your blog smoothly.

  1. You have to update your themes, plugins, WordPress updates on time to avoid hacking attacks on your blog.
  2. You have to take necessary actions to avoid span. There are many plugins available like Akismet.
  3. You have to maintain your website on time, Like take backups and to keep your site free from errors.
  4. You have to pay for your hosting services in time.
  5. You have to keep track of the visitors and traffic because if you traffic is increasing you may encounter slowdown or experience difficulty getting to the site. If you have a good hosting and services you do really need to worry about it.

What is WordPress.com?

WordPress offers you a chance to start your blog from free. You do not need to pay for hosting or Domain at all. It allows us free space upto 3GB and if you require more space then you have to pay for that. Roughly idea is $19.95 per year for 5GB or $289.97 per year for 100GB. The best thing is WordPress.com make regular backups of your blog. So you do not need to care about anything like maintenance, updates, security issues.Everything will be handled by WordPress.com. The setup is very easy if you choose WordPress.com, Just follow some simple steps and your website will be live in no time.Moreover WordPress.com have so many additional packages. We can add custom domain if we want. For that you need to have a domain name. If you don’t have domain name then your default domain would be something like username. wordpress.com, which I think is not good for branding. So I prefer to buy a domain name which will cost you around $13.

There are more benefits like you do not need to worry about your website as it will never be down as it is hosting on multiple servers of wordpress.com. You Don’t need to track anything . By heaving wordpress.com platform you blog will be listed in community where other bloggers will be able to check your blog. This will help you to get more traffic and interactions with other bloggers who have same niche as yours.

Some Limitations of WordPress.com

  1. You can not add custom themes or you can not edit the existing themes.
  2. You have to pay extra if you want custom domain name.
  3. You can not sell adds on your website unless you have 25000 visitors per month and the profit sharing will be 50%. Moreover WordPress.com put adds on the free websites. If you want to remove adds form your blog then you have to pay $29.97 every year to remove adds.
  4. You can not use plugins on your website.
  5. You can not use your custom analytic software. You only can use their analytics which is very limited in features.
  6. They can remove your website blog at any time.
  7. FTP access is not available and you have to place powered by wordpress.com in the bottom of your site. Even if you are paying them.
WordPress.com vs WordPress.Org

Which one is better ?

At this point you know almost everything about both the platforms. If you are looking for a personal blog where money is not the intention and you aim is just to have a blog like my diary, then you must opt wordpress.com as it’s totally free and you do not need to pay for anything. Most of the people migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org after some time.

If you are a pro blogger, who is trying to make blogging as a career. Then you must opt wordpress.org. With a self-hosted blog you will be able have full control over your website. You do not need to worry about anything except from taking care of your website maintenance. I am using wordpress.org from a long time and never faced any problem in managing it. You can easily maintain your blog and you do not need to be a specialist. So in the end if you want a long term blogging then you should go with wordpress.org instead of WordPress.com.

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