WordPress The Best Blogging Platform
WordPress The Best Blogging Platform

Blogging today has become the trend and everybody has taken up this unique hobby of penning ones thoughts and ideas in an online platform. However when it narrows down to the site for blogging, there are countless sites which offer varied facilities including domain maintenance services. However with years of experience in blogging, one would vouch for the fact that WordPress stands out compared any other site like blogger, medium etc. WordPress was earlier started in 2003 with a single bit of code to enhance the typography of everyday writing and since then grown to be the largest self-hosted blogging tool in the world, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people every day.


WordPress The Best Blogging Platform

Therefore the purpose of this article is to highlight some of the key features of the popular blogging site WordPress. For starters, WordPress is flexible enough to accommodate all the needs of an average consumer, complete with ease and simplicity of use. These are some of the desired features anybody will look for in a website, especially people who are entering blogging for the first time.

Currently, WordPress has evolved into a complete integrated website called “Content management system” which allows the customers to develop well designed websites and domains and mobile applications.


WordPress sites are as free as freedom. You will not have to include any costs pertaining to adding your content. WordPress is currently hosting 2600 and plus themes along with 31000 plus plugins. No longer does one to need to send the changes to a designer and get it done through a tedious process. Times are changing, so making the desired designs and adding pictures and videos by us is a great way to reduce charges and cost.



The second major eye catcher in WordPress is the ease of use with respect to the outlay and designs. It uses a themed approach to design and layout. One should either purchase a pre-designed theme or have one custom designed to your unique branding. This shall be implemented in all the pages. However if one wishes to have a separate theme for few specific, WordPress is accommodative enough to add those as well. As for the themes, these are specially customized to accommodate every need of the customer. Professional, company websites, personal blogs and so on, the categories are endless. One just need to point out the required features one desires to have in his/her blog and WordPress churns out the apt theme for them.


The above picture depicts the different themes available in WordPress.


The code word of the digital era has been “Search Engine Optimisation” and WordPress has won over that battle with ease. The WordPress blog is constructed without using excessive HTML which ensures that google is able to index the same. Add it to the fact that you can customize every page with the right setup, the probability of getting your pages in high search result positions are very high. WordPress in that case, has developed a specially  designed plugin called WordPress SEO Plugin.



All you have to do is integrate your WordPress blog with the various social media sites and the blogs are published on your behalf across all the platforms. This reduces a significant amount of time and costs and effectively does the job within seconds of publishing a blog in your site.

social media

Apart from all the points listed above, WordPress is the most safest form of blogging against the constant threat of hackers and Trojans. The plugins are updated on a consistent basis. And the WordPress community is growing by leaps and bounds and it also ensures in interconnecting like minded individuals together. So there, start your blogging career today with WordPress and experience the whole horde of facilities it has to offer.

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