Why Google hates Your Website

There are so many folks who battle with getting higher rankings in Google. The reason why Google hates Your website might lay in your website on why it doesn’t rank higher. We all know that Google is King of the World Wide Web.

Google has turned its search engine traffic into one in all the Prime profitable businesses within the world and is in the blink of an eye inspiring itself into business sectors beginning from PCs to automobile technology.

While google is enlarging its business interests, its connected businesses and search engine organizations still account for large majority of Google’s fiscal strength and this the truth is most likely going to stay unchanged for a long time.

Due to its position as the most needed web crawler on the web (representing more than 70 % of all search engine traffic) it makes sense that by discovering how to improve a website’s rank in Google would increase a website’s traffic.

For most of the websites, increase in traffic means increase in profit and this can be the fact that led to unroll the ways all intended to increase a site’s rank on Google.While there are sensible reasons that any website needs a superior rank on Google, Google dislike when people find a way to improve traffic and here is the reason.

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Poor Execution Of SEO

Google wouldn’t feel when people improve their site to increase their rank on search engine. What Google will mind is once you utilize SEO to construct digressive traffic. Insignificant traffic are visitors to your site who are searching down information or an item that your site has nothing to do with.
when visitor arrive on a website that has nothing to do with what they were sorting out, this not exclusively harms Google (who relies on correct and relevant search results) but harms your site moreover. SEO could be an appallingly effective to get traffic to your website anyway it must be done properly or Google like you such as you.

An excessive amount of Ads and Irrelevant Adds

Google makes lots of money off the promotions it allows you to benefit from your website. For these adds to be viable they must be clicked on. If you have Irrelevant Adds on your website that has nothing to do with your niche then visitors will bother to click on the adds and the chances of making money will be less.
Again Google and Your website will hurt by this. If you have advertisements on your website please check them to ensure that they are more relevant with your website or niche.

why Google hates your website

Low Quality and Bad Content

As I mentioned earlier, Google totally depends on the accuracy of its search engine to power everything else on the net. From advertising to correct results. Google desires these advertisements to be clicked on if it needs to make money.At the point when people visit on the website that has low quality or Bad Content then the chances to earn money from adds will be less.

If somebody finishes up reaching website with poor content on it they will quit utilizing Google as their search engine which will harm Google.

This is the most important reason that the website should have top quality content on it. If the website has poor content that will affect your website as well as Google too.

Above mentioned are the reasons why Google hates your website.

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