7 WhatsApp Sharing Plugins for WordPress

In today’s competitive world, WhatsApp plays a great role in increasing sales of a business. In this article, we will share top 7 WhatsApp sharing plugin for WordPress, which will help the users to share their posts on WhatsApp by just clicking a button. The WhatsApp has become a wonderful way to get the new customers for any business because it is the most popular messaging app. As per recent reports, the majority of the people are active on WhatsApp as compared to other social media platforms.

These WhatsApp share plugins will help the users to add a WhatsApp share button into the custom posts. The users can easily change the color, icon, text and position by just clicking some buttons. The users need to check all these WhatsApp sharing plugins and select the best one according to their need.

  1. Mobile Share Bar Plugin

The Mobile Share Bar is an amazing WhatsApp share button plugin through which users can add WhatsApp button on their blog very easily. This plugin allows the users to select specific post types where they want the share bar to appear, i.e., pages, front page, categories, posts, tags, archives and many specific custom types of post. Along with this, the users can also change the bar’s position to appear on the bottom of the screen.

It comes with the mobile-optimized tools for increasing traffic, followers, and shares. This plugin makes it easy for the users to sign up to the blogger’s list on mobile. There are lots of tutorials and documentation available in this WhatsApp plugin, which make it easy to install it.

  1. WhatsApp Sharing Button for JetPack Plugin

The users can easily use this WordPress Plugin to share button on their website if they use Jetpack and enable socialize option. In order to use this WhatsApp share button plugin, the users have to install the JetPack because it only works with the JetPack.

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  1. WhatsApp Share Button

WhatsApp Share Button is very easy to use and users can add a share button for WhatsApp into custom post types or pages. Along with this, it also consists of a short code, which can use to set custom titles and links. The users can configure this plugin by visiting the settings page after installation.

WhatsApp share

  1. Share Buttons by E-Mailit

This WhatsApp share plugin WordPress allows the users to share any important information and help to transform the content in distributed. The floating share sidebars and share buttons are fully customizable. This ensures that they will only appear on the mobile devices. The publishers get access to share promo for increasing user engagement. Other features of this plugin are custom placement, 130 sharing services, and 30 following services.

  1. Add Social Share Messenger Buttons

It is one of the best WhatsApp sharing plugin for WordPress, which allows the users to add share buttons to their posts, pages, and production pages easily. The users can share buttons for the WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Linkedin easily. Some of the best features of the Add Social Share Messenger plugins are reordered social share buttons, social share button with different sizes and custom CSS.

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  1. Simple Share Button Plus

It is a unique plugin supporting WhatsApp, custom Twitter text, cached share counts, minimum share count, custom Twitter and mobile friendly share buttons. Simple Share Button Plus allows the mobile-specific social media buttons such as Buffer and WhatsApp. Along with this, it integrates well with the majority of the themes. The users have to pay a charge of $10 and it has a full year free support and updates. The developers provide a full refund if the users can’t get satisfied with the plugin.

  1. WpUpper Share Buttons Plugin

It is a unique WhatsApp share plugin WordPress, which will allow the users to implement the share buttons of different social media platforms which also include the WhatsApp on their blog and website.

The users can store lots of options with the data, which can be used to show, hide, remove and stylize the specific buttons easily. They can easily add share buttons before and after posting content.

We recommend all the users to use these WhatsApp share button plugin for their blog when it comes with lots of features, which we have discussed briefly above. Don’t wait more, grab these awesome WhatsApp plugins for your blog or website.


  1. open social share by social9 is another plugin that supports sharing to whatsapp along with 30+ social share providers. i hope you’ll try it AJ


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