What is Gravatar & Why We Need A Gravatar Account
What is Gravatar & Why We Need A Gravatar Account

When I Started writing articles then people often ask me about my Gravatar account and I was wondering “What is Gravatar“. Then I read articles on Gravator and today I am sharing my knowledge with you guys.

When you want to make an image for yourself and establish a brand name or image, you would have to have a common name and image wherever you leave your internet footprint. While using the same name is quiet easy (the registration process), for the same image you would have to upload each and every time you create a new profile. That’s where services like Gravatar, Facebook, Google plus come into play. They pull up user image based on their Email and let you post with the saved image.

What is Gravatar?

Globally Recognized Avatar or in short Gravatar is one such service that works closely with WordPress accounts. These are those small sized icons or images which like avatars appear alongside the name of commentators of a blog, forum posters etc. This is also a form of identification of users belonging to different online communities. When any avatar is only possible when one joins any online community, using Gravatar even an anonymous (a non-member) user can also create such identity.

What is Gravatar

How does Gravatar function?

You need to register at Gravatar website to start using a Gravatar avatar. After registration, upload the image of your wish and assign it to your registered email. Now this image will serve as your avatar whenever you comment on a blog post or participate in an online forum, provided the blog or forum that we are talking about supports the Gravatar system, Gravatar works by looking up the email used for signing up, for commenting or posting purposes. The Gravatar system finds out the image assigned to the email address and connects with Gravatar’s server to display the respected image.

Why Gravatar?

You should use a Gravatar avatar because you need to get identified on the World Wide Web. You might be anyone, a blogger or small business or big business, but you need a brand to get identified and Gravatar helps you do just that. When you read and comment on blogs you may not get noticed first but slowly, when you leave your digital footprints on so many online communities, people begin to notice and may even end up looking up your website. Not only the commentators, even the blog owners of the comment page can easily identify their loyal readers and have a personal connect using the same. The best part of Gravatar account is that you can link it with multiple email address and add a new image when you feel like it.

I personally recommend that each and every time you create a new Email id, link it with the Gravatar account so that at the end of the day you would have created a brand and a unique identity.

I hope you like this tutorial on what is Gravatar and why we need a Gravatar Account then please sharing this post on your social circle and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.


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