what is web hosting

In case you’re new to purchasing a web hosting or running an existing website, the main inquiry comes in mind that how will web hosting work? The hosting world is full of technical language. So it is truly important to understand their significance, contrasts and how they cooperate when you are going to have the site on the web.

what is web hosting

In the beginning of the web, the web was just a route for individuals to team up on records (mostly in the form of text). These records would be put away on a PC (a host) that was associated with a system of similar PCs.

The host PC would serve the records to a client that asked for them using a browser so such a host PC would likewise be known as a server. In those days, a website was just an accumulation of such documents identified with each other organized much like a directory with sub-directories and files.

So, If you need to upload some documents (a website) you need to make a folder on a server and configure arrange a software on that PC to respond to requests to serve the records that belong to the website to a client on the web.

Things have advanced a lot since those early days. We now have dynamic pages, e-commerce, CSS, JavaScripts, cloud computing and much more. In any case, at a major level, things are not that unique in relation to the way they were a quarter century back.

Web hosting is still on a very basic level in view of putting a bunch of files on a Host PC that responds to the demands for the documents utilizing a network protocol.

We’ll take you from the beginning point and work up to some advanced concepts – don’t stress, everything on this page is suitable for beginners.

What is Web Hosting and How Web Hosting Works?


Consider the documents and folders on your Pc or Laptop. They are on the hard drive of your PC or laptop, available for you to access them at whatever point you like. A website page is a record, same as your word document. Same as your word documents require your computer to store them, all website pages require a PC to store them.

The only distinction is that website pages are available for anyone on the internet. To empower this, the Computer on which the documents stored should be a much higher configuration servers than your PC and must be associated with the Internet through a capable and powerful connection.

A PC on which the files and the documents stored is known as a web server (since it serves the stored data on request to clients on the Internet). On the whole, a bundle of web pages is a site, and on the whole, all the web pages on the planet frame the World Wide Web (WWW).

The process of making websites and web pages accessible to internet users is known as website hosting. Sometimes we call the product we offer “web Space” as we are offering space in the Internet world for you to update your website or web pages. Web space calculates in megabytes, in the very same way, as you measure the space in you own PC.

web hosting process
website hosting process


How about understanding all these terms in a very simple way:

A Housing Analogy

(As you read along, attempt to imagine the subject… )

Website hosting resembles a house.

Many people rent house or space to stay. (Subscribe to hosting package)
We call the proprietor of the property as a landlord. (hosting supplier – like iPage and Bluehost)
Same way, we put our site content/files in one of the properties gave by the hosting supplier.

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The website is everything you have in your home.

Your Furniture, your interior, and all the stuff.
Guests will see this and might go out of your house if it is stinky and revolting. (Badly Designed website)
On the other side, if your home is too great or looks beautiful, guests will be happier and will often visit your place again and again.(Facebook, for instance)

Guests are the general population who visit your home.
Then again in specialized terms, customers/bots who visit your site.

How could they have been able to discover your home coincidentally?

Domain Name resembles a road address.
You have to register a domain so that individuals can discover you.
For instance,
www.anujal.in or www.zibsol.com or www.Healthezib.com

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Web Browser resembles a car or a vehicle.
You enter the domain name and your vehicle will lead you to the right house, i.e. website.
Much the same as cars, a few programs are fast and some are truly moderate and may not even work. (Internet Explorer).

The Internet is an accumulation of houses.
A tremendous gathering of different houses is the Internet.

The Search Engine is your travel guide.
Guides, similar to Google and Bing, monitor everything happening on the Internet. You make any inquiry and they let you know where to go.

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Now I am sure that you can clarify the term website hosting to anyone. So that’s all about Web Hosting in Nutshell.

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