How to choose and use a VPN for online gaming?

A laggy connection can ruin all the enjoyment of the game. To save oneself from this difficulty, VPN is being used by every gamer. This secure tunnel gives the protection to private web traffic from any interference, censorship and snooping. In simple words, with VPN, you will not get a defeat just because of a weak connection. Routed via external VPN, the gaming connection goes exceptionally smooth, and you can quickly get your goal and win the game, without worrying about it.

Let’s know how to choose and use a VPN:

How to Choose a perfect VPN?

This is a crucial stage. Which VPN to choose, is very vital and challenging too. This is because, just getting a VPN will not erase your threat of dropping your game altogether, rather VPN must have a reliable network as well.

While choosing the VPN protocol, this is very important to pay attention to various matters. This is because proper VPN is necessary to have. These are some points; you have to consider before taking VPN:

VPN for online gaming

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Compatible with Operating System

It is significantly important to know, whether the VPN is compatible with your operating system, which you are using on a regular basis. The OS may be Android, Windows or MacOS, but the point to consider is that all the VPNs don’t work with all OS. So, you must know about its compatibility before installation. For example, if you are using iPhone, and VPN that you have installed doesn’t work on iOS then it will not serve any purpose.

Bandwidth Availability

Use the unlimited bandwidth connection and stream, then VPN will work smoothly without interrupting you in work.

Logging information

Although you need not worry about the data being logged, however, it’s necessary to know about the headquarter of VPN you are using. Along with it, you must know, how it affects the retention policy of data. As reported by, the VPN providers are concerned with the countries having data retention laws, which means, they may turn over the browsing history legally. So, checking about this policy is just like playing safe.

Multiple connections at one time

Some VPNs can help you connect with various devices at one time. Even if you want to connect to 6 devices at one time, then without resorting to using different devices at a different time, you can use all that at one time in the entire day. Some other VPNs allow just 2-3 devices to connect. So, it’s up to you, as per your necessity, you can choose a VPN.

Some other parameters are also required to be checked before selecting the right VPN, like- Measuring speed, Don’t get disconnected randomly, etc.

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The Best VPNs for Online Gaming

Best VPN for online gaming

Express VPN

It is one of the best VPNs for online gaming. Unlike others, Express VPN never slows down the internet connection. It offers excellent speed and performance. Moreover, its 256-bit encryption and SSL security give protection to personal details. It scrambles your data and saves you from the hacking of your device.


With a fast connection, it provides a smooth way of your gaming and removes all the interruption in its way. Without any additional fees, it allows you to use two connections simultaneously. It is not compatible with Ios; instead it is consistent with only Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac.


Although it is slower than the above-mentioned VPNs, however, it works on all the OS. Its support is all time available, and you can get their response to your problem, whenever you need.

These VPNs have a considerable number of servers, in vast areas of the whole world, this means, you can find any server nearby your location. But still, some gamers don’t believe on these VPNs. They believe more on OpenVPN and considers that better than other alternatives like PPTP or L2TP. Along with it, if your primary consideration is reducing lag time, then you have to consider everything before signing up to any VPN.

The above-mentioned VPNs offer the money back guarantee for 30 days as well. So, in any case, you don’t find any VPN best suit to your requirements, then you can get the price back and can try other options.

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Configure the Settings

  • After choosing the VPN, now you need to know how to use it. Very first, you have to configure the settings. This is because it is required to understand whether all the different settings are optimized for perfect gaming performance or not.
  • For gaming sake, you will always try to connect VPN server that is entirely close to your actual connection. By doing this, you will ensure that the ping rates are low, however, kill score are on the top of the online Leaderboard.
  • After it, see, whether the service you are using, host your own server or not. Most of the gamers admire to create, host, manage own servers at home. If you want the same, then check out the option of private FTP connection creation.

Best VPN for online gaming

How to use a VPN?

  • First of all, sign up for the chosen service and download on your device.
  • Whatever VPN you have chosen, make sure that you have checked that on its website properly.
  • Sign up to it. Download and install it on your PC. After installation, launch the app to start it.
  • Open the app. To connect, choose a server. For the server, the map can be checked out.
  • The server location will be your virtual location. Your that location will be counted as your real location.
  • After choosing the server, connect to it and use the VPN.
  • Use BrowserSPY’s Geolocation page to test whether this connection is working or not. Roughly, it should be the location of the server you are using and not the actual location of yours.

Many VPNs are three tiers. It depends upon for how much time you need to commit for, some VPNs have a guarantee of money back, and that will help a lot in case the VPN doesn’t work correctly.



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