How to utilize Quora as a tool to increase brand reputation

Quora is a famous platform where people can ask questions and answers from the top people in a particular industry without charging any fee. The platform was launched in 2009 and now actively used by millions of people all over the world. Over the years, it has become one of the top platforms in the world of digital marketing. There are many researchers, scientists, businessmen and many other people who answer the questions of the users in the Quora.

The Quora is a perfect marketing tool, which can be used for the benefit of your business. An effective marketing strategy consists of the best utilization of the available resources in an effective manner of promoting the best. In this blog, we will tell how Quora can be used as a marketing tool:

  • Open communication lines

Quora is one of the best platforms for the people for the opening of new communication lines. The individuals can notice when someone likes their answer and message them for the contact building. The business people will be able to establish contacts with some of the most experienced as best members in the industry with an excellent communicative note. It is a proven fact that making contacts never go fruitless in marketing your business.

  • Build your presence

There is a big difference between the Quora and other social networking websites. The business owners should use their real name and mention their business on their full profile. By giving answers to the people’s queries, you will be able to build a strong presence on the Quora, which will be helpful for your business in the long run.

  • Thought Leadership

Giving useful information to the difficult questions in a special domain will offer you thought leadership. The users can set a number of answers per day such as 2-3 and stick to them. You can answer them wherever you are without any issues. There is no need to be de-motivated if you aren’t able to find a question where you can add value. You should try this daily and it will add over time.

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  • Free Marketing

Quora is a brilliant platform to market your business because the people constantly ask questions regarding a great number of areas and industries. If you work one of the most popular businesses, then you are likely to help people more such as education, finance or advertising. However, the less significant businesses such as, carpeting can promote their business and promote their reputation using the Quora. Your answer may be voted to the top if your response is good and people acknowledge that. According to the 2016 records, there are more than 100 million monthly unique visitors who visit Quora. That means a well-written response can attract a great attention.

  • Research and Brainstorming Tool

This platform can be filtered to only display the questions, which is a great way to get inspiration for the article headlines. After getting ideas from your Quora research, you should write articles for your websites answering well-known industry questions.

  • Never promote yourself directly

Never ever try to promote you and your business directly on the Quora. There is a need to bring out an engaging and great answer to take you to the big industries in the game. The direct promotion can often make people know that you aren’t looking as good as you seem.

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Quora is a great platform for the content sources, marketing, survey, free networking and idea creation opportunities. Through this, you can profit others while promoting your own business. It is an amazing and underutilized channel, which can use for different marketing goals. You should engage and ask questions about the things, which you don’t know and offer answers. This way, the Quora will enhance your business reputation.


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