How to use Index Manager in cPanel

If you want to choose the directories on your website to be listed according to the way you desire, you need to access the Index Manager. It is a cPanel tool through which you perform this task. The content of a directory will be displayed in the browser, if the index file is missing.

You must read this tutorial before starting to use the index manager. In this tutorial, we will you through the entire process. You should learn about some things about the cPanel, if you are new to this software. It is a very useful software having some advanced tools, through which you can complete any activity through internet very easily. Plus, the servers can also be managed very well with this software.

While using the feature of Index Manager, you have to choose one of the four options:

  1. No Indexing
  2. Standard Indexing
  3. Fancy Indexing
  4. Default Indexing

Steps needed to follow in this tutorial

Step 1. Log in to cPanel account

Login to your cPanel account by entering a username and password on their website.

Login to cpanel

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Step 2. Home Screen

This will take you to the home screen, where you can see different options.


Step 3. Index Manager

From this step, the process to learn using the Index manager starts. You needed to click on the index manager option, that can be found in the advanced section on the home screen.


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Step 4. Selecting a directory

Now, you have to open a directory by tapping the folder option.

select directory

Step 5. Modify the directory

You have to click on the name of directory, which you want to modify.


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Step 6. Indexing selection

In this step, you need to select the type of indexing needed for your directory. After that click the save settings.

directory index settings

  • No Indexing: This type of indexing will not show the contents of the directory.


  • Standard Indexing/ default indexing: If you select this indexing, it will prevent the browsers to view directories content.


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  • Fancy Indexing: The contents of the directory are prevented in this type of indexing openly.
  1. Choose the No indexing option, as you don’t wish to display the content of the directories.


  1. Click on the save option, after you are done with the above option.savew-index-manager

The tutorial ends here as you have become successful in configuring the index manager in cPanel. You can go simply back to the interface of the cPanel and start using all the features. Follow the steps mentioned in this tutorial and we assure that you will face no problems in using the index manager in cPanel.

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This tutorial will help you in every possible way, while using the index manager in cPanel. If you feel any issue related to the index manager use, feel free to write in the comment box. We will assist you in every possible way.



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