How to Use cPanel Branding in WHM

In this tutorial, we will tell you about step by step procedure to use the cPanel Branding in WHM. You can customize the appearance of the customer’s cPanel account in WHM. This tool will allow you to perform this easily without any problem. You can preview a branding style before applying it.

You need to follow certain steps to use cPanel branding in WHM:

Step 1- Log in to your WHM account

First of all, you have to log in to your WHM interface by entering username and password.

whm Login

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Step 2-  Click on the cPanel icon

On the home screen, you will see the cPanel icon. You have to tap on the cPanel icon.


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Step 3-  Branding link

When you enter the cPanel section, you can find the branding link on the screen. You have to click on the Branding icon. This is the main cPanel branding page having lots of information regarding how to incorporate branding into the cPanel of the customer, so that they will be able to see instead of a cPanel logo.


Step 4- Live editor

After that, you need to click on the live editor next to the x3 theme.


The users can brand any of the below cPanel themes with your own logo.

Step 5- Editing the theme

You can edit the blue lagoon theme in this step.


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These links will let you edit the images.


There are lots of links on this page through which users are allowed to edit the specific parts of this theme. Through bottom two links, users are allowed to change the CSS and HTML code.

Step 6- Edit Logos

You can edit the logos in this step.


Step 7- Logo location

In this step, you can browse the location of the new logo.


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Users can see that three logos, which can be replaced by their own logos in the blue lagoon theme.


The old logo will be replaced by the new one. You have successfully branded cPanel and customers can now see your logo instead of the standard cPanel logo.

Step 8- Upload images

Now you have to upload the images and That’s It.

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It is the end of your tutorial. We hope that now you have full information to use the cPanel branding to replace the normal logo with your own. If you have any question related to this tutorial feel try to write in the comment box.



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