How to upgrade cPanel to Latest Version

Everybody wants to be up to date, no matter whether it is the mobile phone software or it is a cPanel server. In case, you run your own cPanel VPS or server, then it is important to update it as soon as the new update is available. This feature will allow the users to update cPanel to latest version available on the Release Tier of your server.

The most important reason to update the cPanel is that the vulnerabilities and bugs will likely get fixed in the latest versions.

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to upgrade cPanel to the latest version.

Step 1: Log in to the WHM

First of all, you have to log into the WHM. Here you have to enter the username and password

 update cpanel to latest version

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Step 2: WHM dashboard

That will take you to the WHM dashboard. You can see different options in the dashboard.

update cpanel to latest version

Step 3: Navigate to the Upgrade option

You need to write Upgrade on the top left corner of your WHM dashboard screen. After that, you have to click on Upgrade to the Latest Version option.

update cpanel to latest version

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Step 4: Start the upgrade

In order to start updating cPanel, you have to click on option Click to Upgrade. After tapping on the option, you will see that the updating process will start.

update cpanel to latest version

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Step 4: Status of updating and completion

The status message will say the Update system packages as the upgrade progresses. The percentage will be shown on the screen.

update cpanel to latest version

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Step 5: Completion of upgrade

You will see a message that says Upgrade complete when the upgrade process will complete.

update cpanel to latest version

Now you have completed the whole process. You can easily update cPanel to latest version by following the simple steps stated above.

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