How to update contact information in cPanel

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to update contact information in cPanel. Nowadays, it is necessary to keep the contact information up to date because this information is used by the servers to send important email messages. The warnings regarding email accounts being Close to Full are sent using this information, that gives you enough time to take an action prior to email bounce. You can update contact information in the cPanel anytime. We will give you complete step by step information about the update in cPanel contact information in this tutorial.

Updating the cPanel contact information

Step 1. First of all, you need to login to your cPanel account by entering user name and password.

Step 2. After logging into your cPanel account, the real process to update the contact information starts. Now, you have to select the preference section, where you will find the update contact information option. You have to click on it.

update contact information in cPanel

Step 3. You will see two fields in the contact information and preference page. You need to fill main email address in the top field, whereas, in the second field, you have to enter another email address. The second one should not be linked to your cPanel account. Plus, make sure that you use a correct email address because the cPanel will send all notifications on the first one.

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update contact information in cPanel

Step 4. Choose the notifications, you want to receive by clicking the Contact Preferences option.

update contact information in cPanel

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Step 5. After selecting the notifications, you would like to have on your cPanel account, just click on the save option and you are done. There will be a summary of the notification settings and a message on the bottom of the screen, that will states that “The system have successfully updated your contact information and preferences”.

You need to make sure that your cPanel account has up to date contact details. You can follow this process anytime, to update your information. After completing this process, exit the cPanel by the clicking on the logout button, you can find in the upper right corner. It is advised to log out of cPanel before closing if you are using a public computer.

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We hope that this cPanel tutorial will help you in you every possible way to update contact information in cPanel. You can ask any question related to the cPanel using the comment section.


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