Hybrid backup solutions

Hybrid backup solutions have become popular in the recent past. Their popularity is influenced by how cost effective they are. The price to run backups is lower compared to the traditional data backup solutions.

More to its cost-effectiveness, hybrid cloud saves your business the need for IT personnel’s as using it is comfortable. It provides “do yourself” guides that are easy to grasp. What used to be a time consuming and an expensive procedure has morphed into a simple, reliable practice that can restore your business in a matter of minutes. For example, having a MySQL binlogs backup will not only ensure that you get all the data you need when it’s lost, but it will also ensure you get it in the quickest time possible, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition when a common disaster strikes.

To better understand hybrid cloud, below are types of cloud computing solutions.

Types of cloud computing solutions

1. Public Cloud

Public cloud is the most used because of its cost-effectiveness. Data is stored and hosted by a public server. Therefore, data and applications of business are shared in a public server along with other companies accelerated by the public host.

Your business will have limited control over your backed up data.

2. Private cloud

It is the most preferred solution for companies that value the security of their data and want full control of it. Data is only accessible to the company. Data stored in a private cloud hardly leaves the network.

3. Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a combination of two clouds. The advantage of this cloud is that you can host some of the workloads on a public cloud and the most sensitive store it in a private cloud. Companies benefit from the high-security measures employed and also how cost effective it is.

From the above list, it is clear that hybrid cloud backup solution outweighs the rest as it combines their properties and offers them to your business at a lower price. How can hybrid cloud backup save you money? Below is a detailed list that will show you how it will save you money and time.

1. Reduce the need for IT personnel

Adopting hybrid cloud backup solutions means you give up on data centers. In return, this will reduce the need for IT personnel needed in the process of data backup, maintenance, and recovery. All those procedures are automated and time effective.

Cutting down personnel can translate to more revenue for your business as the payroll decreases. The productivity of the company will significantly improve as the employees can concentrate on other important aspects of running the company.

2. Few maintenance and updating services

The host offers all these services. You do not need to do maintenance and updating drills at all. The host company will be responsible for this as the fee stands for such eventualities.

You will also avoid the cooling and steep power expenses that are brought about by data centers that are in your premises.

3. Infinite storage space

To gain more storage space in data centers can be expensive because you need to pay a hefty amount to increase your storage space. It is not the case for hybrid cloud. It offers infinite space that you pay for one-time, enabling business scalability.

4. Automated cloud migration

Moving data and applications from data centers can be a time consuming and painstaking. Other times data cannot be optimized for the cloud which causes less optimal results. In this case, it becomes expensive to convert the data to an optimal cloud form. Manual migration is prone to delays and numerous mistakes.

To bypass all the above, problems hybrid cloud comes with a cloud automation software. Using the software makes migration a time saving, less expensive, seamless process. The process eliminates delays and mistakes.

5. Lower energy costs

Hybrid cloud backup solutions will mitigate energy costs. How is this possible? Because the host is responsible for any expenses related to server management.

6. You pay for what you need

In most cases, companies with internal servers for data centers will purchase, at times, unwanted hardware which is expensive. Adopting hybrid cloud backup means that the need for equipment is zero as the host will provide them concerning your backup needs. With the hybrid cloud, you can choose when to use specific hardware, which saves expenses used in maintaining them.

7. Business still runs in case of system disruption

Hybrid cloud backup generates both local backup and a replica off-site. Having both means data security is guaranteed. The data stored in-house is protected by pre-existing security protocols and built-in data encryption. Having data on the dedicated data centers means you have redundant copies secured off-site.

In case of system disruptions cause you to go offline, you can use the in-house backup to carry on data backup and retrieval as personnel does repairs. Once the server is up and running bare metal restore (BMR) will enable you to transition back to the repaired server, letting you save all changes that occurred during the outage.

Some of the natural disasters such as earthquakes, fire and hurricanes can destroy your backup and other machines, which can mean business closure. But if you have incorporated hybrid cloud backup, you won’t lose business data. You can comfortably run your business in the cloud.

8. Minimized Compliance costs

Frequent data recovery drills to ensure compliance with data center requirements can be expensive and time-consuming. They can also mean a lot of downtimes which negatively affects the productivity of the business. Hybrid saves you this headache as it provides with a well-structured data recovery solution that is less expensive and time-saving.

Bottom line

Hybrid cloud backup is the go-to solution for your company. It gives you a double advantage over other types of cloud computing with its cheapness, time-saving ability, and infinite storage space.

If you desire to save on your expenses, then hybrid should be your resort. Fewer maintenance expenses are incurred and also your need for IT personnel in this department is significantly reduced. Do not shy away from implementing it, the advantages to your company outnumber the liabilities.


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