Uber is the largest taxi company in the world even though they do not own a single vehicle. Headquartered in California, US; Uber started out with its founder spending 800 USD to hire a private driver on new year’s eve. He felt that there must be a way to provide easier and cheaper access to hire black car service. Since then, Uber has over 40 Million users and operates in more than 633 cities worldwide.

In metropolitan cities, with congested living space and minimal parking access; the ability to hire a private cab at minimal cost is in huge demand. This is why there are countless uber imitators trying to join this money earning river. With more and more cities getting modernized, the demand for easy to hire taxi is only going to increase, this is the reason why starting your own Uber like app can be extremely profitable with great scalability.

Look at Ola for example. Ola Cabs is an Indian origin online taxi hailing app. Started out in Mumbai and now shifted to Bangalore; Ola is now 8 years old and now serves in India and Australia. Started from a two man army, Ola now operates more than 600,000 vehicles across 110 cities in India. With their inclusion of Ola Auto (autorickshaws, the norm way of transport for Indians), Ola is one of the most successful Uber imitator that is now a gigantic brand in India. Since then, Ola has also started their service in Australia and is currently earning revenue over 140 Million USD.

Now, everybody wants to strike it rich following the path of Uber, just as Ola Cabs did. So do you wish to start your own Uber like app?

Well, starting your own Uber Clone will be a tough battle. Depending upon your budget and the amount of time you are willing to spend creating your own uber clone script, you have two options available.

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Remember that an app like uber has 3 components: a passenger app, a driver app and a web administration panel. The passenger app is the app that your passengers will use and needs to include various features such as GPS tracking, push notification, register/login, book a ride and others, while the driver app is the app that drivers registered under your taxi app will use. The driver app will need to include features such as login, accept/reject an order, GPS tracking, and etc. The web panel will be under your control where you can review the rides happening over your taxi app as well as provide the basic functions of an administrative capacity.

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If you have a big budget and ample time, the best way to create your own Uber like app is to hire a team of dedicated app developers, preferably experienced with creating apps and not fresh graduates. This method entails spending a considerable amount of money on hiring developers and following up with them regularly over a period of months while your app is being created from scratch. While this method might seem a lot of trouble, this method is the optimum way to create your own taxi hailing app. Not only will you regularly interact with your app developers, you will also be able to create a highly customized app depending upon what you have in your mind.

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If you plan to hit the market as soon as possible, the best way to start your own Uber like app is to purchase white label taxi rental service app. This method will means you will have to purchase the software, however, you can immediately start finalizing your app and the production time is considerably less when compared to creating the app from scratch. However, there will be limited option in customization when compared to creating your own app with a team of dedicated app developers.

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Check out Smart Car Tech, while being a white label uber like app, they are open to a higher degree of customizations and you can directly talk with developers to have your vision brought to life.

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Overall, the most important thing to consider before starting your own Uber like app is to build a very strong foundation. The future of your business and scalability are big factors that you need to consider, however, a strong foundation is your business survival and hence you should focus on that and provide a very strong product in your hometown. Only when you have established your app and yourself as the undisputed king of your own city can you think of conquering others and scaling your business to the skies and above. Have a very thorough idea of the kind of brand that you are building and plan an according marketing strategy. With the onset of 21st century, Digital marketing is the need of the hour. Like a traveller in a desert, your brand image and marketing strategy is the direction that you select to traverse and as such, in case your brand image and marketing strategy is subpar, you are doomed to roam the desert till your business death. For digital marketing queries, visit Skimbox; India’s leading digital marketers.


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