Types of Air Conditioners

It goes a lot of hard work in finding the right kind of AC as per yours. A lot of research takes place before buying the AC of your choice. Initially, you give preference to the company you like, then move on to asking your friends and the ones who are already using air conditioners at their home or office.

But the factor you should consider while buying is what type of AC you want for your house. There are various types of air conditioners before going to the company you are looking for. And if you are searching for ac service in Bangalore , Click here!!


Here are the types of air conditioners which are available in the market

Types of Air Conditioners:



  • Window Air Conditioner

Windows Air Conditioner is also known as “Unitary Unit” these are installed in the open window of a room. Window ACs have two parts, internal and external. Internal is from where the warm air gets sucked in and emitting the air from the external part which is outside the open windows. With the help of an evaporator, cool air passes into the room through a fan. And on the external side, the heat moves out of the room when the external fan blows over the condenser.

Window Air Conditioner

These were the go-to cooler in the early 2000s but are now only found in larger houses or buildings with smaller homes. There are brands which offer you the best Window Air Conditioner and to name a few are Voltas, Hitachi, and Lloyd.



  • Portable Air Conditioners(PAC)

Portable Air Conditioners or Mobile ACs as the name itself explains these ACs can be easily transported from one place to another be it either at home or office. These are ideal for cooling only single rooms and also are easy to move as it comes with wheels attached. There is no rocket science involved while setting up PAC all it does is takes in the room’s air and then cools it and gives back to the room a cool and fresh air.

Portable Air Conditioners(PAC)

The warm air is then removed with an exhaust hose which is installed in a window. Brands that offer Portable Air Conditioners are Blue Star, Philips, and Whirlpool.


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  • Central Air conditioners(Ducted)

Central Air Conditioners dispense air through a system of supply and return ducts. These supply ducts are registers operate from the floors, walls which then carry cold air throughout the home. A lot of work goes on in installing a Central AC as the size if the area that it will operate needs to be measured which is essential for the functioning of the AC.

Central Air conditioners(Ducted)

These type of ACs are most preferred for a larger home as it can cool the area efficiently.



  • Split Air Conditioners

Split ACs are the most preferred type of ACs of every household in India as it is efficient and cost-effective. Split air conditioners come in two parts the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. A split AC is perhaps the most quieter one when compared to other types of ACs. As the compressor and the fans are located outside the room, hence noise is removed. A form of Split AC is a multi-split system where you can have more than one indoor connected to a single outdoor unit, making it cooler for multiple rooms with the use of two indoor cooling units.

Split Air Conditioners

A Split AC is connected to a set of wires and tubing. The cost of split ACs is relatively higher when compared to Window ACs. Currently, the brands that are worth a shot when purchasing a Split Air Conditioners are Voltas, Hitachi, Blue Star and Whirlpool.

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