Trello Review: A Task Management Tool For Everyone

Introduction to Trello

Trello is a leading project management application, which is commonly used by agile development teams. The concept of Trello is utilized by the concept of boards. There are cards within the boards, which represent tasks. The cards include lists, which may be used to record the progress of a project.

Trello Review

The members can discuss a project in the real time as Trello is a collaboration project. All the members get informed through task assignments, email notifications and activity log. Members can be added to a board easily, where they can give their opinion on the ideas on the cards included in the board.

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Cost of the software

There are four types of plans offered by the Trello:

  • Free: It is the basic service offered by the Trello, which is free of cost. This plan will let you manage as many boards as you want and invite as many collaborations as you want to. You can attach files up to 10 MB in size.

  • Trello Business Class: This plan is specially designed for the organizations, which costs $9.99 per user for one month. The business class also gets the ability to invite people, in order to have only read access to the boards. In addition to this, the users can also deactivate accounts of the people, who don’t work for them anymore without a need to delete their historical data. You can upload files up to 250MB. This plan comes with Priority Email Support. 
  • Trello Enterprise Class: It is the most advanced plan of the Trello, which is made for organizations having more than 100 people with all the features on Trello Business class. The extra features of the enterprise-class are phone support and simplified billing system. This price of this plan is just $ 20.83 per user for one month.

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Pros of Trello

Trello Review : Board Section

  1. Easy to use:
    All the possible nuggets of information regarding the project are included in the card system, making it easy to use the software. Plus, the website is accessible from any browser, no matter it is mobile or computer. 
  1. Real-time collaboration:
    Members will get informed about the latest developments and changes in a project instantly. 
  1. Instant notifications alert:
    The users will get notifications, whenever new tasks have been assigned or changes were made on the project. 
  1. Well organized:
    The things keep organized when the cards can be placed in lists, in order to record the project progress, assignment of categories, etc.Trello_moveTask
  1. Power-ups: Trello offers integration with Evernote, GitHub, Google hangouts, MailChimp, salesforce,  slack, google drive, Dropbox and many more. Some power-ups are not available in free plan. But Dropbox and Box integration available in the free plan.
  1. Cross-Platform Availability: The best part of Trello is, it is available on all the platforms. Trello has IOS and Android apps and obviously the web app which makes it easily accessible at any time. 
  1. Customizable: You can easily change the background colors of the boards. There are nine colors to choose from. If you want custom background, you can sign up for a paid Trello account. 
  1. Search, Labels and Filter: You can add labels to your cards with different colors of colorless. The search option on the boards offers you to easily search through each card. You can also apply the filter on the board if you want particular things to display on the board.trello bord

 Cons of Trello

Along with the pros, there are some cons that come with the Trello software:

  • No time tracking features:
    There are no features in the software, that can track the time take place to complete a project. There are no timers that you can launch, when you start a task, in order to keep a look how much time you sink into it.
  • Light Features:
    There are lots of features missing that makes it less powerful than the other project management applications.
  • No Demo:
    When you use the application, you will find that there is something missing in terms of how to use the app.
  • No progress report:
    While using Trello, you won’t find a progress chart. There should be an overview of the project you have completed.

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I think Trello is the flexible solution to manage projects and support collaboration, as long as you will experiment with it to know how it might work better for you. You will find fewer features in Trello if you are looking to consider more traditional project management software. Trello may work best for you if you are looking for something traditional, flexible and visually oriented.

It is very inexpensive until your team size is less than 15 people. It is a full value software for smaller businesses. You will find Trello as one of the lowest to cost.  The paid plan starting at just $9.99 per user/ per month.

I am using a free version of Trello from almost a year and it is a very helpful tool which manages all my tasks and my ideas as well and also invited my other friends to use this tool. I can say it is the best tool for me to manage all my tasks. So if you want to manage your things on time, then go ahead and signup today.

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