Web hosting is needed to make the website accessible via the internet. There are lots of website hosting companies who claim to offer services related to website hosting, marketing, creation, and affiliates.

Presently, the size of the global hosting market is estimated around $12.3 billion. In the span of four years, it has grown up to 26%. Whenever someone needs web hosting, they look for the best hosting companies. But, one question comes to everyone’s mind is that what are the best website hosting companies?

It is a complex question to answer, but there are lots some best website companies based on different attributes such as pricing, support, quality of service and much more.

In this article, we will tell about the top 10 website hosting companies of 2016.

  1. In Motion Hosting

inmotion hosting

No matter, a user is creating a website for the first time or transferring a domain from another one, the In Motion Hosting is a perfect web hosting company to choose from. It is a trustworthy company who doesn’t charge customers for the extra features.

One of the best feature offered by the company is known as Max Speed Zone, which allows the users to select between the two data centers of the InMotion to host their files.

Pros of InMotion Hosting

The biggest benefit of using the company’s service is that they offer a 90-day money back guarantee to their customers, which is maximum offered by any other web hosting company.

Cons of InMotion Hosting

The most common problem faced by the users is the bad customer support service.

Web Hosting at InMotion Hosting

The company’s plan starts from $3.49/ month. : Visit InMotion Hosting


  1. Arvixe


Arvixe is a perfect web hosting company for business companies of all the sizes. They offer lots of comprehensive and competitive hosting packages to their customers.

While there are many better features offered by the Arvixe in the expensive packages of the company, but the starter plan has all those things needed to run a business website of all the sizes. The company is known to offer great support options, impressive uptime, and useful website builder.

Pros of Arvixe Hosting

If the user is a client, they will get a free domain while using the company’s hosting services.

Cons of Arvixe Hosting

The user may miss the versatility in the basic shared packages of the Arvixe.

The company’s plan starts from $3.20/ month.  : Visit Arvixe


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  1. Just Host


Just Host is a perfect choice for the users who want to host their blog or small business website professionally with a great customer support service. The company is a great entry level hosting company providing reliable and inexpensive shared hosting services to the users.

One of the unique features of company’s service its award winning control panel and the users can see it working before purchasing the hosting plan through the demo. The users will get the chance to see how streamlined their control panel is by watching this free demo.

Pros of Just Host

Just Host is a user-friendly company having multiple support options such as phone, live chat, and email. Moreover, the company clearly shows how long the user has to wait for each type of support on their website. 

Cons of Just Host

The company offers no help while migration and if the user wants to migrate a WordPress website, it will be a cumbersome task for them.

The company’s plan starts from $3.95/month. : Visit Just Host


  1. WebHostingPad


WebHostingPad is an ideal web hosting company for the small business owners and bloggers who are seeking for a simple and bare bones package.

There are two different hosting plans offered by the company, which makes it a great option for the individuals and small businesses. There are lots of useful features offered by the company, making them a useful web host. No matter, the user use Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or any other technology, the WebHostingPad will support it.

Pros of  WebHosting Pad

The company offers very helpful and communicative customer support to their users.

Cons of WebHosting Pad

Some of the features offered by the company are very costly and it may increase the budget of some customers.

The company’s plan starts from $1.99/ month. : Visit WebHostingPad


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  1. iPage

ipage hosting

iPage is a dedicated web hosting company offering a great range of features such as site-building tools, free domain registration, customized email addresses, PayPal integration and marketing tools.

The users get access to the Mojo Marketplace from where they can download hundreds of applications. All these things make it a perfect option for the users who operate e-commerce websites or transfer large amounts of data.

Pros of iPage

The biggest benefit of using the service of iPage service is the simplicity offered by them. They only offer one shared hosting plan to the customers.

Cons of iPage

There are many users who have complained about the speed of the company’s control panel named as vDeck.


The plan of the iPage starts from $1.68/ month. : Visit iPage


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  1. Bluehost


Bluehost is one of the top web hosting company offering bargain priced shared hosting company to its users. When it comes to features, the users will get more than the worth of their money.

The company offers some of the most comprehensive features, the users can find in a shared hosting plan. The additional features come with the Bluehost are an anti-spam filter, shared secure socket layer and much more.

Pros of BlueHost

The company offers standard features such as shared SSL and anti-spam filter for the users.

Cons of BlueHost

The users have to wait very long sometime to get the technical support. Moreover, the staff doesn’t pay much attention to the user’s problems.

The company’s plans start at $3.49/ month. : Visit BlueHost


  1. HostGator


HostGator is a perfect web hosting company for the bloggers who are looking for the shared web hosting service. The company offers some of the brilliant features available in the industry today, which makes them one of the most demanded web hosting providers in the world.

The biggest feature offered by the company is the site builders which let the users install the WordPress and Joomla with a single click.

Pros of HostGator

The company offers enhanced security to the users in the form of automatic malware removal and daily database backups.

Cons of Hostgator

A great majority of the company’s users has complained about the slow loading time on their website.

The company’s plans start at $3.95/ month. : Visit HostGator


  1. GreenGeeks


GreenGeeks is a well-known hosting company offering a lot of web hosting solutions for its customers including sharing hosting. If a user is looking for a hosting solution protecting the environment efficiently, then this is the best web hosting company for that purpose.

There is energy efficient hardware used by the company in their data centers. The users get unlimited storage and bandwidth, which gives them a chance to grow online.

Pros of GreenGeeks

The company uses energy efficient hardware to minimize its carbon footprint.

Cons of GreenGeeks

If the users need to stream audio or video and they have many users on their website at one time, then they have to buy higher than the basic plan of the company.

The company’s plan starts from $3.96. : Visit Green Geeks


  1. eHost.com (Closed For Business Now)


eHost is one of the best hosting company offering exceptional uptime and first class customer service to its users. It is an ideal option for the people looking for some extra customer support while using their website.

The main highlights of the company’s service are free domain & email address for a lifetime, impressive drag and drop builder and different customer service options.

Pros of eHost

The eHost is easy to use because of the well organized front end of their website. They have an impressive site builder in terms of ease of use.

Cons of eHost

The users have complained about the slow speed of their website while using the services of eHost.

The company’s plan starts from as low as $2.75/ month. : Visit eHost.com


  1. DreamHost


DreamHost is a veteran web hosting company having more experience than their competitors. They offer some unlimited features to their customers, which them in the list of the top 10 web hosting companies of 2016.

The company offers a 97-day money back guarantee to their users, which gives them enough time to set things up and decide whether you wants to stay or not.

Pros of DreamHost

The users can boast unlimited domains, subdomains, and parked domains by using one account.

Cons of DreamHost

The company only offers one plan which costs $7.95/ month, making it out of the budget for some users.

The company’s plan starts from $7.95/ month. : Visit DreamHost

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