Top 10 Video Editing Software of 2016 (Free and Paid)


In the modern times, the technology has become so advanced that capturing videos have become a child’s play. The credit for all this goes to the modern smart phones, which offer make it possible just by the click of a button. The days are gone when making a short film demands technical’s work and one needed a great experience to deal with editing tasks. Now, it is easy for video lovers to shoot the high-quality movies due to the smartphones.

Also, the video editing has become easy to accomplish if you know how to use the video editing software. There is a great number of video editing software available on the market- both free and paid, which makes it difficult to choose the right one as per your task. In this blog, we will give you top 10 video editing software list, which will help you to find the right one.

  1. Corel VideoStudio Pro

Corel VideoStudio Pro is an excellent video editing software, which gives eight audio tracks, 21 video tracks, one voice track, and two title tracks. The users can build their project on these tracks and it is enough to fit the requirements of the both simple and complex projects. There are more than 500 choices offered by the transition and effects libraries of this video editing software app. Another useful benefit of using the Corel VideoStudio Pro is its advanced help and support, which makes it a great choice for the novice and skilled users.

Pro: It is easy to use this video editing software, but it doesn’t expand on the advanced tools.

Cons: It might be difficult for some beginners to understand some advanced tools of the software instantly.


Corel VideoStudio



  1. AVS Video Editor

If you look for the best video editing software for windows, then AVS Video Editor can be your first choice. It is a professional and easy to use software, which comes with some rich features such as multilingual support, stabilization, Blu-ray videos support, a number of effects, ability to share videos directly through platforms like MySpace, Flick and much more. Other key features of the AVS Video Editor are single video track, dual audio track, HD support, and non-destructive editing. It is a good video editor for the veterans and beginners, which makes the editing easy and effective. Additionally, the interface of the AVS Video Editor is fully organized and all tools are clearly marked.

Pros: This video editing software provides unlimited editing tracks through which you can develop a project as simple or complex.

Cons: The end video quality is distorted and distracted from the viewing experience.

AVS Video Editor


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  1. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a fully equipped software, which has helped lots of filmmakers to edit their favorite movies, including The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network. The developer of this video editing software is Apple Inc. and that’s why it consists of lots of features such as quite useful keyboard shortcuts, non-destructive editing, HD support, storyboard mode and much more. With all these features, there is no doubt that it is one of the best video editors for Mac users. This software supports all the video formats, which are compatible with the QuickTime.

This software works best for both the new and experienced users.

Pros: The Final Pro Cut has some of the most powerful video editing tools such as the magnetic timeline.

Cons: The biggest drawback of this software is that it is available only on some of the recent versions of the Apple’s OS X operating system.


  1. MoviePlus X6

MoviePlus X6 is one of the best video editing programs, which is capable of teaching some great video editing techniques. Along with this, it has enough tools to satisfy the needs of more experienced users. You can also use the QuickMovie tool if you don’t want to spend lots of time for developing a movie. Along with this, the video editor wizard of the QuickMovie assists you to compile all the elements you need in a themed movie. It assists the users to select a theme, import their files and add a personal touch to their movie.

If you are looking to know the ins and outs of the video editing, then this video editor is a great choice.

Pros: The MoviePlus X6 provides simple editing modes for the starts with simple projects and ends at unlimited editing tracks for the complex projects.

Cons: This software comes with the limited sharing access when it compared to the other video editing applications.

MoviePlus X6



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  1. Magix Move Edit Pro

Magix Move Edit Pro is one of the best video editing software, which is loaded with the effects and supports 4K and 3D. It is a native 64-bit video-editing program, which means that the users have the advantage of more than 4GB for those memory-intensive digital movie projects. In addition to this, it is also upgraded in the rendering speed. However, it is not easy to use as the other video editing software in the same range. If you are an experienced user, then this software is made for you.

Pros: It comes with the pleasant dark interface and supports the 4K file. Also, there are lots of video effect which can be handy for the video editing software users.

Cons: The procedures of the Magix Movie Edit Pro are difficult to understand and there is not much more help available in the tutorial.

Magix Move Edit Pro

  1. Nero Video

There is no best video editing software list can get completed without the Nero Video 2016. The main reason for the popularity of this software is that it lets the users create the professional-looking videos. It provides a great library of the themes and  templates, which is very useful for the people. In addition to this, it has many advanced features, such as ultra HD 4K and video stabilization support, which allow the users to take advantage of the latest technology. There are two video editing applications in this video editing application. It comes with some of the great video editing tools, which allows the users to construct a compelling video.

Pros: The 2016 version of the Nero Video comes with functional features such as video stabilization and 4K support.

Cons: The workspace can be muddled and counterintuitive during sometimes.

Nero Video 2016

  1. iMovie

iMovie is one of the most immensely used video editing software for the Macintosh devices. It is another video editing software developed by the Apple Inc. This is advanced software, which can help the users to deal with the video editing while using an iOS-based device such as iPod, iPad or iPhone. Some of the best features of this software are a drag based interface, a collection of transitions, IMovie Theater and much more. The theater feature of the iMovie allows the users to watch movies on their Apple TV and offer the ability to fine-tune clips. In addition to these benefits, the software also comes with some additional features such as HD support, linear time code display, 4 audio tracks and 2 video tracks.

Pros: The software comes with lots of impressive transitions, which makes it a useful product.

Cons: This software will only work for the Macintosh and iOS devices.


  1. Pinnacle Studio 20

Pinnacle Studio 20 is a powerful video editing software, which offers a great collection of the organizational, publishing and editing tools. Along with that, the efficient workflows and firm coding make these features very easy to use and learn. This video editing software offers all the tools and resources, which ranges from importing footage, building the project and ends with sharing it with an audience. All these things help the users to create a compelling project. If you are an advanced user, then there is a great chance that you will like it.

Pros: The biggest benefit of using the Pinnacle Studio software is that it has more than 1,800 titles, temples, effects, and transitions.

Cons: There are only six editing tracks available with the entry-level program, which may not be efficient for some users.

Pinnacle Studio 19

  1. Roxio Creator NXT 4

Roxio Creator NXT 4 is an excellent video editing software, which has the ability to handle all the digital media. It consists of a great CD-burning module through which the users can perform several tasks such as creating audio and data CDs. In addition to this, this software allows the users to convert the legacy media such as cassette tapes and vinyl records into a digital format, which can play in their CD player.

Apart from the above features, the Roxio Creator has an attractive video & photo editor, sharing and archiving features. The users can also share their video creations on websites such as Google Plus, YouTube, and Facebook directly from the interface of the program.

Pros: This software lets the users create, edit and embellish video, audio and images easily. 

Cons: There is a need to upgrade to the pro version if the user wants to burn the Blu-ray discs.

Roxio Creator NXT 4

  1. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad is one of the best video editing software, which comes with many basic and advanced tools. The basic tools of the software allow the users to create movies, TV shows, commercials, etc., whereas the advanced tools such as Chroma Key, video stabilizer, and color correction give them a great deal of control over the project. In addition to this, the users also get an unlimited amount of the video editing tracks. This gives them the flexibility for creating their project simple or complex as per the requirement or choice.

Pros: The video editing software comes with all the tools such as unlimited editing tracks, Chroma key and color correction, which are needed for advanced videography.

Cons: The first time users will find it difficult to learn all the tools and they have to invest lots of time in learning its interface.


Here we finished the list of best video editing software of 2016 and we are pretty sure that it will help you to find the best one.




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