Top 10 Internet Browsers Softwares

Web browsers are an important part of the modern life. Over the years, the popularity of the dedicated has increased and tries to bypass them. But still, the web browsers remain central to the people’s life. A browser can’t be defined just a container allowing users to view web pages, but it also enables interactive activities such as gaming and messaging. It can be used as your email reader or video player.

There are a number of web browsers launched in the market over the years. It confuses the users to find the users to find the best one according to their requirements. Here in this post, we will tell you about the top Internet 10 Browsers Softwares through which you can browse the web with full security and privacy.

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  1. Google Chrome

If your PC has resources no browser can beat the powerful and adaptable Google Chrome. It is one of the best browsers which deserve to have the top placing on this list. The popularity of this web browser is increasing month by month. Below are the following reasons that make this browser to rank no. 1 in the list of “top 10 internet browsers“.

You can create application shortcuts for any of your website without worry. It allows you to reach your favorite site in a fast manner. Furthermore, you can your browser themes and preferences synchronized on several computers with the help of the Google Account.

Pros of Google Chrome

  • It comes with a great range of pre-installed and downloadable extensions, which can help users a lot.
  • There is a support option for parental controls to protect your privacy from kids.
  • In addition to this, there is a great range of settings and tweaks to ensure the maximum efficiency.

Cons of Google Chrome

  • It is a heavy browser which makes it difficult to operate on devices having limited RAM.
  • A high amount of data is used by the browser, which can increase your internet bills.

google chrome

  1. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a great browser, which integrates fully with the Windows 10. A more user-friendly experience is offered by this browser than the Internet Explorer. The main strong point of this web browser is its integration with the core gimmicks of Windows 10.

This browser gives a search assistant in the form of Cortana that not helps in the start menu, but also useful in quick internet searches. Along with that, you are allowed by this browser to add your own web notes to a web page by clicking on the “Make a Web Note” option that is located on the top bar.

Pros of Microsoft Edge

  • It runs great on a modern skinned app on the tablet mode of Windows 10 and it works great with Cortana.
  • Microsoft Edge is highly streamlined for the people of current age doing away the insecure protocols such as ActiveX.
  • It allows the users to render the new pages.

Cons of Microsoft Edge

  • There are no major flaws in this web browser except the Curmudgeonly grumbles.
  • It only runs on the Windows 10.


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  1. Mozilla Firefox

The latest version of the Mozilla Firefox features many updates to the web browser. They have replaced the orange tabbed menu with a three button menu, which fits correctly on the main toolbar. The main focus of the Firefox is on simplicity. The users can get access to the open private windows and set up the Adblock Plus immediately. It comes with an easy to use interface, which is also fast in navigation. The majority of features of this browser is simple and accessible, yet useful and powerful.

One of the upgrades of this browser is add-ons and personas due to which its functionality has extended with a range of different manners. It includes flash content, integration of social networks, blocking advertising, and reviewing live code.

Pros of Mozilla Firefox

  • It is one of the fastest web browser available in the market.
  • The Firefox offers a fluid web browsing experience to the users.
  • The new designs focus greatly on the speed and simplicity.

Cons of Mozilla Firefox

  • It is very difficult to contact the support team of the Mozilla.
  • The problem arises while loading in the Firefox.


  1. Opera Browser

Opera is the second oldest web browser in the world established in 1995. It comes with the multimodal interaction feature, which is one of its great features. It runs on a Google Chromium system, which is compatible across every device and platform. In addition to this, the browser is boosted by the page load times, comprehensive user support and competitive launch.

Users become frustrated when advertisements pop up again and again as they slow down the pages. Furthermore, they also distract the users from their original goal. However, the add-blocker in Opera makes it possible to block every banner to show up on your screen.

Pros of Opera Browser

  • Opera is one of the fastest browser available, delivering highly competitive speeds.
  • This web browser delivers a featherweight design, which emphasizes the content.
  • It is boosted by the competitive navigation speeds and cutting-edge multimodal features.

Cons of Opera Browser

  • There are no parental control features in the Opera browser.
  • The users may face compatibility issues with many sites.


  1. Maxthon Cloud Browser

Maxthon Cloud Browser is an extensive web browser, which offers a minimalist and a speedier experience to its users. It comes with some of the best features such as a screen capture tool, reader mode, media downloader and built-in ad blocker. Apart from that, it also has another feature another action packed feature named as video ad fast forwarding.

One of the best browsers in this list, Maxthon is equipped with a twin-engine that consist of Webkit and Trident page-rendering engine. Moreover, it has a unique type of interface as it has a toolbar for RSS feeds, notes, downloads, and favorites.

Pros of Maxthon Cloud Browser

  • This web browser comes with many nifty browsing helper features such as speedy performance and video ad fast forwarding.
  • The browser offers good support, according to the new web standards.

Cons of Maxthon Cloud Browser

  • The tabs of the Maxthon Cloud Browser are not flexible as compared to other browsers.
  • It may be difficult for some users to use this web browser.


  1. Internet Explorer

There is no list of the best internet browsers which can complete without the Internet Explorer. Out of all the web browsers, it is the oldest and still used by nearly 9% internet users all over the world. Over the years, they have improved their security and malware protection features.

It is an easy to install a browser that comes with an extremely clean design. The built-in security of the Internet Explorer has made one of the top-choices for IT professionals. Since its release, it has blocked more than 2 billion malware and phishing viruses.

Pros of Internet Explorer

  • In order to deal with the phishing and malware issues, the company has upgraded their security features.
  • They have also paid special attention towards its graphical features.

Cons of Internet Explorer

  • The loading speed of a page is not at its best.
  • It still lacks lots of features as compared to the other browsers.


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  1. Safari Browser

Safari is the flagship browser for the Apple device, but there is also abandoned version for Windows, which can be easily found online. In addition to this, this version can also run on the Linux devices through  Wine. It is an incredibly fast browser having lots of modern features. It has a very low impact on the system and saves a great amount of battery.

Recently, the developer has added Intelligent Tracking Prevention in this browser that makes it more superior. It identifies the cookie types and divides them easily. Overall, it boosts the privacy as well as the overall speed of the browser and makes the experience better for the users.

Pros of Safari Browser

  • The page load and launch time of the Safari are very impressive.
  • This browser offers all the security you need to protect your system.

Cons of Safari Browser

  • The browser doesn’t high level of customization features which their competitors have.
  • The Safari’s browser has less flexibility than the other browsers.


  1. UC Browser

UC Browser is most popular among the mobile users, which is compatible with all mainstream operating systems such as iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Win CE, Java, and Blackberry. The web version of the UC Browser is quite efficient having lots of useful features such as customizable speed dials, themes and much more. This browser also boosts the speed of the browsing with its improved data compression technology.

It is a wonderful browser that allows fast downloads and save a fair amount of internet data. This browser has an embedded download manager that saves the storage of the computer. You are allowed to download audio and videos from many sites, such as Vimeo & YouTube with this feature.

Pros of UC Browser

  • The users can enjoy high-speed downloads with a resume option in case of interruption.
  • It comes with the inbuilt download manager, which promotes faster browsing.

Cons of UC Browser

  • The browser lacks in some areas of the web features.
  • The users will have the same experience as they have while using Mozilla Firefox.

uc browser

  1. SeaMonkey Browser

SeaMonkey Browser is an open-source and community-driven project allowing anyone to help who are interested in contributing its developer. However, this browser doesn’t have one of the best features available in the market, but still, it turns out to be trusted software. It is unlike for-profit applications, which are backed by some of the major corporations.

It is a perfect option for the users who are looking for the all-in-one browser. The features like built-in chat, an email client, and a web editor help the users in building some basic sites without issues. The new security updates can be easily downloaded from their official site.

Pros of SeaMonkey Browser

  • It is an ideal option for the users who are looking for all in one internet suite.
  • It comes with some of the extensive features such as email, browsing and chat capabilities.

Cons of SeaMonkey Browser

  • The interface of the browser is outdated and clunky.
  • SeaMonkey browser lacks the ease of use, which comes with the other browsers in this list.


  1. Avant Browser

Avant Browser boasts the performance of the internet and is essentially an add-on to the Internet Explorer. It comes with the features such as RSS feeds, find on page function and tabbed browsing.

This browser offers a faster web experience to the users and saves lots of time. There is an ad blocker option available for keeping away the annoying ads.

Along with this, it also has some additional features such as a password manager, automatic updates, and integrated Internet Explorer search engine if you are an Internet Explorer browser fan, then this browser will be liked by you for sure. A multiprocessing design is utilized by the Avant Browser, which means that the users can use each of open tab functions separately.

Obviously, This browser has got some features but it is compared to other above mentioned browsers, it still comes at the bottom of the list of “top 10 internet browsers“.

Pros of Avant Browser

  • This browser can offer decent speed to the users while browsing.
  • Avant Browser comes with all the basic browsing functions needed in a browser.

Cons of Avant Browser

  • The users may face some compatibility issues while using the modern applications.
  • The browser lacks any parental control or synchronization features


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So before we wind up, we would take you to the journey of some frequently asked questions about internet browsers that you might be having. So, Let’s dive into them one by one.

1- Which is the fastest internet browser?

This is the first priority of the internet users when it comes to browsing. They want better speed. I would suggest you go for “Opera Stable”. This is my personal experience. Results may vary depending on which operating system, you are using.

2- Top 10 internet browser for android?

When it comes to best browsers for android, I think the list is still the same. Compatibility of browsers on Android is a big factor. So, I would suggest you try top five browsers and then see which one is working best for you.

3- Best Browsers 2017?

It might seem like a silly question but still asked by thousands of people every month. I don’t there is any change in the ranking of top browsers. Google is on the top of the chart since last decade according to giants like PCMag and TechRadar.

So, I would say the above-mentioned list is still intact this year. If you have any doubt or other questions, let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to respond you as soon as possible. Till then keep reading Techzib & Happy Browsing…



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