Thrive Themes Review : Should you buy it or not ?

Those days have become the part of the history when all the bloggers and webmaster only target on the traffic. Nowadays, all the things focus on the conversion rate that determines the webmaster’s professionalism.

One of the most difficult things to do is select and install the best suitable theme for your website. We all have a hard time while selecting the best themes for our website. That’s why we have reviewed one of the best themes named as Thrive Themes. We will go into detail and give you best Thrive Themes review.

thrive themes review

It is pretty tough to select one when there are hundreds of theme options available on the internet. However, we have found that thrive themes have lots of great features that consist of thrive templates and thrive content builder that offers wonderful benefits to the audience.

Our team has gone through a deep research on the themes providers and found the best option for you Thrive Themes. They have put a great dedication on Thrive Themes review to find that it has a lot of amazing and superior features. Thrive themes can be a wonderful tool for both the bloggers and affiliate marketers who want to earn a good amount of income.

Have a look at the best conversion focused WordPress themes and plug Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes and their plugins are popular for developing high conversion focus WordPress website. They have lots of themes and plugins that can be used for different kinds of purpose. In our research, we have found that they have fast and amazing themes that are optimized for conversion.

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First of all, have a deep look at the Thrive Themes features

WordPress Themes

Thrive have the top conversion focused WordPress themes that are loved by the affiliate marketers and bloggers. That’s why their themes are considered as one of the top conversion focused WordPress themes on the market.

Thrive Landing Pages

It comes with the perfect conversion optimized landing pages that have attractive and eye-catching looks. It can be useful for sustaining the visitors on the website for a longer period of time.

Thrive Content Builder

We found that it has a wonderful content builder that comes with an amazing drag and drop techniques. The users can make top-class Awestruck landing pages with the help of the Thrive content builder.

Thrive leads

There is no better option than the Thrive leads if you want the most amazing WordPress opt-in plugins. It can assist you in adding and increasing the number of email subscriber lists that can be great for the business.

As we all know, the Thrive endorse their products through tagline “Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins”. Our team did a great research on finding whether they actually do justice with this timeline or not.

review of thrive themes

Read our Thrive Themes review further to know about their service

Thrive theme have the ability to develop WordPress resources and tools that purely target conversions. We have found that all their tools are user-friendly that can increase the visitor’s engagement and assists in the growth of the business.

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Now, start the detailed explanation

Thrive Content Builder: Let’s talk about this in detail

According to the platform’s record, there are more than 7,000 people who use the Thrive content builder that are relatively very easy to use. It is perfect for the people who are not a coding expert and want a simple option for the drag and drop tool that comes with a great user interface.

There is a great range of options available in the visual builder plugins that allow you to access it easily on post and pages. You can enjoy a top-class real time experience of viewing with this plugin. It comes with easy to use click and edit feature that makes it simple for the users to edit the building block anytime.

Along with that, the Thrive content builder has following features:

  • Content grids
  • Testimonials
  • Countdown timer
  • Supportive responsive pricing tables
  • Time defined call to action
  • Retina ready font icon

You can develop your own custom home page that will give you proper freedom for making your homepage according to your preference. Further, user engagement can be utilized by different option one homepage and increase revenue. It will make your homepage more engaging without any need to be a coding expert.

Thrive Landing Pages: What is amazing?

If you want to convert your leads into revenue, then there is a need of amazing and effective landing pages. In order to run any business effectively and successfully, goal conversion plays a vital part.

Our team has found out that Thrive landing pages looks pretty promising and wonderful. They come with a variety of features that are pretty impressive for creating super attractive landing pages. There are ready to use customizable templates that allow the users to prepare their own desirable landing pages. It will allow you to customize the landing pages with opt-in forms that will result in adding video pages and create great landing pages. All these features combine can help in growing the sales of your website.

Thrive Themes: Is it friendly?

Generally, there are separate configuration pages for every category’s setting in the majority of the themes. However, you can edit the theme option on a single page in the Thrive themes. There are a variety of options in the general settings where you can upload the logo, set its position and insert the copyright without any need of coding. You don’t require any separate plugins to upload the footer text and uploading logo.

On the other hand, you can select from a variety of layout options that include 6 color schemes while the blog setting page allows you to show featured images in your posts, customizing the met details and much more.

Now, move on to the analytics section where you can add any code to your header and footer files without any need to edit the main theme files. It allows you to get freedom from adding plugins to integrate your website with the Google Analytics.

Additionally, the performance and comment section is pretty easy to use and can be edited without having much reason to worry.

In simple words, we can say that Thrive has one of the best user-friendly interfaces that you can find in the market.

thrive theme

Thrive Themes: How much responsive they are?

The platform has added WordPress themes and plugins that fully target conversion and that’s why they are designed for driving the traffic and converting it into profit. The themes have wonderful coding and come with all the elements that allow it to load quickly, that plays a vital part for the users nowadays.

In today’s fast paced life, no one wants to wait for the screens to load for a long time. So, in order to grab the users permanently, you need to the theme that loads the page quickly.

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Our team has done this review with full dedication. They have collected the best themes of the Thrive themes that are listed below in detail:

Pressive Theme

It is a wonderful and fully responsive theme that can work efficiently for both the small and big screen resolution. This theme is designed in such a way that it can work perfectly for the bloggers and affiliate marketers.

This theme comes with six beautiful color variants that can be customized according to the one’s choice and requirements. You can alter the color of shortcodes and modify the widgets for matching the theme color.

Pressive Theme

Squared Themes

The squared theme is another perfect example of the Thrive’s development team that looks attractive to the bloggers. It comes with a great array of features that include proper design style, multimedia post formats, and best email opt-in quality. Without any doubt, Squared is an awesome theme that has the capability to take the business to another level.

It is a responsive theme that has an accessible control panel, a variety of color options and SEO friendly design.

Voice Theme

Thrive’s voice theme is a perfect option for the people who are looking for an elegant and superior theme that can attract the users. It comes with high-quality readability that can promote the well-written content on the page in an effective way.

This theme has a responsive interface control panel that comes with quick loading speed, visual customizer, automatic page generator and many other exciting features.

Rise Theme

Rise theme is a superior theme developed by Thrive. It has many superior features that come with unmatched quality. While using this theme, you will find that it has a very unique and attractive looking grid that will allow you to create your own pages.

In addition to that, you can also develop many unique and extraordinary types of landing pages in this theme.

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Thrive pricing: Is it affordable?

There are two types of membership offered by the Thrive Themes:

  • Thrive Membership

This membership allows you to use all the plugins and themes for all your sites. It will cost you $ 30/ month if you choose to pay quarterly. However, the cost reduces to just $19/ month if you will buy the yearly membership. 

  • Agency Membership

Agency Membership is basically for the businesses that allow the owner to use all of Thrive’s plugins and themes on the client’s websites. It costs just $49 per month for the yearly membership, whereas the quarterly membership costs for $69 per month.

With the features that come with the Thrive Themes, it is worth to buy them at this price.

Customer Support- Are they truly supportive?

We contacted the support team of Thrive Themes and we were pretty surprised to see how wonderful service they offer. You only need to make a support ticket for your queries from right inside the dashboard and then one of their customer representatives will respond to your query. They respond within 4 hours for query and we found them very professional.

Along with that, you can also contact their customer support through email address. They usually respond to all the email within one working day. You can also find lots of video tutorials on their website that can help you in solving common problems. There will be no surprise if someone gives Thrive Themes an award for best customer support.

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Conclusion- Should you buy it or not?

If you ask us, then we can say that our team is fully satisfied with the features and services offered by Thrive at such an affordable price. They deserve the tagline “Conversion Focused WordPress Themes & Plugins with the top-quality service they offer. We strongly believe that our Thrive Themes review should have been helping you find out to know whether it is right for you or not. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this review, feel free to comment below.



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