Things to do after buying cPanel Hosting

If you are new to cPanel, you need to learn lots of things. You have to learn all these things to manage your website hosting easily.

cPanel is a famous web hosting control panel, which allows the users to manage and configure their websites. It can be defined as a control panel tool, which is designed to assist the people in managing files on a web hosting server. The people can also perform email management associated with their domain using cPanel. You don’t have to pay for it as it comes free with your hosting package. In this article, we will help you to get started with the cPanel hosting.

Set up your hosting

First of all, you have to set up your hosting account, which will let you attach a domain name to your hosting account. You can also set up a username and password. Follow these steps to complete this task:

  • First of all log into your cPanel account.
  • After that, click on the web hosting.
  • You will see the manage option next to the hosting account. You have to click it.
  • Fill the on-screen fields and then tap on the finish option.

Have a look at the cPanel’s Interface

cpanel- nterface

If the above cPanel interface is different from your current cPanel interface, don’t worry you can change your cPanel theme. Check the detailed tutorial on How to upgrade cPanel to Latest Version

Check out the complete guide on cPanel Tutorial

Increase your security

You have to make sure that no one can steal your cPanel ID after you have logged into your cPanel account. You should change your password frequently and use a combination of characters, that can’t get guessed by the others. It simply means that you shouldn’t use any word, which can be found in the dictionary or any sequence of characters having a connection with you.

Getting around in cPanel

Navigation Bar: You can see the navigation bar at the top right corner with the features such as account management, notifications, search features and log out.

  1. Search Features: You can use this option to find the functions quickly from any page in your cPanel account.
  2. Notifications: Here you will all the updates from the cPanel such as out of date apps, security concerns or any other related information.
  3. Account Management: You can change your language, password or contact information using this feature. You can even reset the page with just a single click, if anything went wrong.
  4. Logout: There is no need to tell you about this feature, but remember to use it after finishing your work with cPanel.cpanel-details

Upload your files

The best way to complete this task is through built-in File Manager feature of the cPanel. In addition to uploading files, you can move and edit files. Make sure you have uploaded the files of the site to the public_html directory.

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You can see a sidebar having four icons along the left hand side of the screen. They stand for the home, statistics, dashboard and user management.

  1. Home: It is the cPanel’s primary page, where you will get access to almost all of its functions.
  2. Statistics: This section will show that how many email account accounts, domain names and file transfer protocol accounts you have.
  3. Dashboard: Here, you will find the links related to site’s commonly used links.
  4. User Management: In this section, you can add or remove users from your account.

Other Important cPanel Tutorials:

That’s all we hope that the above information will help you to get started in using the cPanel easily. We hope that above article will guide you to get know the cPanel.



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