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Are you worried about the excessive mobile phone use of your children? You are in need to have a parental control app to monitor and control the mobile phone activities of your offspring. The parental control apps empower parents to safeguard their kids from the potential threats in the online world. However, picking a secure and effective parental control app is the key. We have reviewed here the top-notch mobile parental control app TheOneSpy which is getting applause across the world. The Android monitoring app is intended for the parents to supervise the mobile phone use of children. It is a multi-platform app that is compatible with the iOS and Android mobile phone devices.

How does it work?

The parents are required to install the parental control app on the mobile phone devices of their children. After the installation, the app starts fetching the data saved on the phone including the photos, videos, contacts, messages, emails and internet browsing history. The data is then uploaded to the online account of the parental control app. Parents can log into the app account from their devices and can see the uploaded data.

What are the Features?

There is a broad range of features that enable parents to monitor the mobile phones of their kids with an aim to secure them from the real and cyber world dangers.

Spy on Messages

The mobile parental control app lets you track the messages of your children including the received and sent messages containing text, photos, videos, voice, emoticons, and stickers. Meanwhile, you can see the time and contact detail of the message sender and receiver. The messages help you ensure your kid is not in contact with a predator, pedophile or scammer.

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Spy on Calls

Are you worried about your teenage girl’s private calls? The parental control app can help you find out whom your kids are in contact with and what they are up to. You can listen to the inward and outward phone calls of your children and record these calls. The recorded calls get uploaded to spy app account from where you can download them and see the contact detail of the caller and receiver.

TheOneSpy review

Monitor Social Media Apps

Today’s kids spend most of their hours on social networking platforms where they may expose to adult stuff and predators. The mobile tracking app enables parents to monitor the social media account of their children. It allows spying on teens’ favorite Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other prevalent instant messengers. You can read the messages of your kids and monitor the media files exchanged through social media apps. It lets you ensure your kid is not being bullied or lured by the predators.

Monitor Internet

Kids never want to take a break from the internet. However, the unsupervised and unrestrained internet access can cause more harm than good. With the parental control app, you can supervise the internet use of your kids. The app shows you the detail about which and when a website was visited or information was searched by your kid.

GPS Location Tracking

Being a parent, you are responsible for being aware of the whereabouts of your children. The tracking application keeps you informed of the current location of your kid. Also, you can see the location history of your child.


The parental control app lets you draw virtual boundaries around your child. You can mark locations as safe and unsafe and prevent kids from entering the unsafe zones. Each time your kid enters the mark location, the app notifies you.

View Photos and Videos

Do you know what your teen has stored in his photo gallery? The mobile spy app lets you monitor the photos, videos and media files of your children including the photos captured from monitored phone camera or received from some other source.

Screen Recording

If you want to see what your kid is doing on its phone in present time, you can send a command of screen recording to record the real-time activities of your kid. This feature helps you record social media activities, messages, games and almost everything that appears on the mobile screen.

theonespy Screen Recording

Read Email

When it comes to the emails, the spy app allows you to monitor the incoming and outgoing emails of your kids. Also, you can see the email address of the email transmitters and receiver.

Keystroke Logging

The app stores the keylogs applied to the mobile phone including the keylogs of the password, email addresses and usernames. Parents can use these keystrokes to log into the online accounts of their kids to closely watch out their activities.

Manage Contacts

The parental control app lets you see the contacts stored in the phonebook of the monitored phone. It also allows you manage the phonebook of your child by adding new numbers and removing the unwanted contacts.

What are Positive Points?

  • It is compatible with both Android and iPhones.
  • It allows spying on popular social networking apps.
  • It works with all mobile phone networks.

What are Negative Points?

  • Your device needs to be rooted/jail-broken to unlock all app features.
  • The app does not allow setting time limits for mobile and app use.
  • It does not offer web filtering.


The app is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. The supported versions include Android OS 2.3 to 7.1 and iOS 7 and 8. The compatible mobile phones include Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, HTC and iPhone 3, 4, and 5.


The mobile spy app varies in cost with variation in the operating system, package plan and subscription period. For instance, the one-month subscription to the Android Premier Plan costs around $50 and the three-month subscription of Android Lite package costs around $55. These prices are subject to change. You can see the latest prices here.


Of the parental control apps readily available, TheOneSpy is a reliable and feature-rich mobile parental monitoring application. It lets the parents keep tabs on the online lives of their children as well as offline. The application works with complete secrecy without leaving any clue of spying. Moreover, it gives the best value for your money.


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