Speed Up Your WordPress Site
Speed Up Your WordPress Site

In this tutorial we will discuss some basis tricks to speed up your wordpress site.Every milliseconds count in world wide web. Yes, the time taken for website to load its content is very important as it plays an important role in user satisfaction and the number of hits the website receives. A slow loading website means users would prefer another site over yours. Therefore, the speed of your WordPress website in a way is more important than loaded customization that drags your website down.

Let us see few important tricks and tips to speed up your WordPress site:

Choosing a good host

I made a mistake once by falling for the cheap rhetoric of low-cost hosting plans and that resulted in many damages to my website’s image. A good hosting plan is very important for your website to stay healthy and be competitive. For brightest performance choose a standard hosting plan from a reputed hosting company. You would begin to see the difference.

Choosing a good theme

If you are under assumption that all WordPress themes function with the same speed and ease, you are very wrong. Some themes under the pretense of providing many functionalities and compatibility are in truth very slow and poorly coded thus slowing your site’s loading seconds. Whereas some selected themes such as Goodlife, Soledad, Genesis framework, SEO WP etc are quick and light in their feet.


Using a Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network (CDN) lets your user download the content of your websites from the server nearest to them by hosting your files in a network of servers across the globe. This reduces the load on a single server and thus magnificently increases page-loading speed.  Setting up a CDN network may take hours but be informed all your favorite websites use a CDN network to be more proficient.


The above mentioned are the basic steps to boost your page-loading speed. Apart from that you can also start to fine tune your website properties to get a boost in your loading speed. A space shuttle is designed to be as lightweight as possible to be more efficient. Similarly your website must shed its extra weight to be faster and highly functional.


Know about the plugins that are slowing you down

Plugins enhance functionality of your website but some may slow you down instead. At the same time there are plugins that help you to counter these problems. P3 is a diagnostic plugin that helps you identify which plugins are slowing you down. W3 Total Cache is another plugin that helps you cache elements and load your website faster.



Use WP Smush it to Compress Images

Reducing file size of images can result in a boost in speed of page loading. WP Smush It is a great plugin that reduce the file size of images. The reason why I love this plugin is it does not compromise in quality of the image. Strongly recommended.

Keep it clean with WP-Optimize

WP-optimize routinely clear out your database’s trash and thus keep the website running efficient. This keeps in check of the things that are required. This plugin also removes all the unnecessary post revisions, pingbacks, unapproved comments, trashed items etc.

I may have missed out few other quick ways to fine tune the speed of your website but these are the basic features you must look into for a faster bandwidth. Considering India is getting to be swallowed by smartphone users with low internet connectivity. So it is very important to recognize webpage-loading speed as an important criterion to be successful.

I hope you this wordpress tutorial will help you to speed up your wordpress site. Keep sharing this post on your social circle and join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as well.


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