Create an eCommerce Website

Always dreamed of setting up an e-Commerce website like flipkart but didn’t take off because you thought it is impossible? Rest your doubts to bed. Here are four simple steps to enlighten you how easy it is to set up an e-Commerce website that will realize all your business aspirations.

Setup eCommerce Website


Steps to Setup eCommerce Website

Step one – Get a Domain Name and Hosting service

Don’t you agree naming your venture is the best place to start with? Decide upon a brand name to showcase your products (like and since this is the world wide web we are talking about, you would have to buy the domain name. This allows visitors to access your site and do business with you.

The best way to get a domain name is to get it free of course! Few web hosting services like Bluehost, Godaddy, Big rock, ipage provide you with a free domain along with your web hosting account. You may have to shell some amount to buy a hosting service from the best web hosting companies.

select a web hosting company
select a web hosting company

There are shared hosting services if you are just starting and do not expect too much of traffic but if you are planning something big and expect enormous traffic, I suggest you go for Cloud hosting which is good for WordPress.

So I assume you are just a beginner who wants to run a small scale e-commerce website and therefore create a shared web hosting account on the web hosting company you prefer.

It’s simple. Go to the company’s site and buy a shared account that comes with a free domain name. The procedure is easy to follow and within few minutes and the preferred plan, you have with you a domain name and a hosted website.

After your purchase, the web hosting company will send you an email with your login credentials.

Step Two – Install WordPress

Login to your web hosting account and from their c panel, install WordPress with your preferred domain.

It doesn’t end here. You have a self-hosted blog at your hand but how to convert into a full-fledged e-commerce website? Read on.

how to install wordpress

Step Three- Upload Woo Commerce WordPress Plugin

Plugins are predesigned codes that are used to enhance the WordPress blogging experience.  The WooCommerce plugin helps you to create a fully functional e-commerce platform. To install Woo Commerce plugin, go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins > Add new. In the search box type WooCommerce plugin and install the same. Once installed you can use this plugin to activate e-commerce activities like displaying products, payment options, etc.

Also, to get the look of an e-store, choose from the hundreds of free and premium themes of WordPress and set the one that suits your requirement.

Step Four- Payment Gateway

Now that you have the WooCommerce plugin helping you setting up your e-commerce website, keep in mind the various functions that a basic e-Store is supposed to have (like product listing, shopping cart, orders, payment gateway, reviews etc).

One of the main features you might want to look up is the Payment gateway option which enables the users to pay directly to you through your website using their credit cards or debit cards or any other payment mode. Checkout the below the payment gateway for woo commerce video tutorial :

Another example of WordPress blog with Affiliate model is:

All taken care off, it’s time to sit back and concentrate on your business end because there is gonna be lot more now. Please let us know about your experience in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.



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