How to Setup Cron Jobs in cPanel

Domains are controlled by the cPanel and it has the option to set to cron jobs. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to setup cron jobs in cPanel. Cron jobs are scheduled tasks, which are run by the system at predefined intervals or times. It includes a set of tasks that the system runs from a scripted file.

You need to follow below mentioned step by step procedure to set up cron jobs in cPanel:

Steps to Create Cron Job in cPanel

Step I: Log in to cPanel account

First of all, you have to log in to your using your user name and password.

Login to cpanel

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Step II: Tap on the cron jobs

After logging into your cPanel account, you have to look in the advanced section. Here, you will find the cron jobs icon and you need to click it.

select cron job

Step III: Entering email address

After entering the cron jobs section, you have to enter your email address. All the cron job results will be sent to you on this email every time it runs.

update email in cron job

Step IV: Common settings

After updating the email address, you have to define when and how often you want to run the cron job. It can be done easily by using one of the common settings. When you choose a common setting, all the fields will be filled in automatically. Through this, you can understand the meaning of each field easily.

cron job common settings

Step V: Choose once a week

In order to give you a clear view, let’s choose the once a week option.


Step VI: Entering the command

After that, you have to enter the command of the script you want to run.

update command in cron job

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Step VII: Adding new cron job

After completing the previous step, you have to tap on the add new cron job option.

update cron job

That’s over, you have completed this task. Your cron job has been set and you can see it below.


That’s it, you have reached at the end of the tutorial. We hope that this step by step tutorial will help in setting up the cron job in cPanel.

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