How to set up an autoresponder in cPanel

An autoresponder is a great tool, which can automatically reply when a particular email address gets an email in the cPanel. If you have to notify the customers from which you have received the email, this tool can become handy as they will get a response in a pre-determined time frame. In addition to this, it also assists when you can’t reply to them. It will easily let the people know that you are currently not available and respond to their queries later.

In this tutorial, we will tell you about how to set up an autoresponder in the cPanel. You need to follow these steps to set up an autoresponder in the cPanel.

  1. Login to cPanel

First of all, you have to log in to the cPanel account using your username and password.

Login to cpanel

  1. Click on the Autoresponders option

After entering your account, you will be on the home screen. Here, you can find the autoresponder option in the email option and you have to click it.

 set up an autoresponder in cPanel

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  1. Add Auto Responder

There will be the list of current autoresponders shows on the next screen. You have to click on the Add Auto Responder option.

add autoresponder

  1. Create Auto Responder

In this step, you need to fill in information to create your AutoResponder as mentioned in the screenshot below.


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You can see a brief description of the available options below.



Character Set :Generally, the standard character is set at utf-8, but you can modify it here as per your choice.
Interval:In this menu, you have to set up the window period for waiting before autoresponding to the same email address.
Email:Here you can see the list of email addresses for which you are setting autoresponder.
From :You can enter a “From” address here. It is strongly suggested to use the same address as you use in the email field.
Subject : Write a subject line here. For example: “Michelle is out of the office.”
HTML :If you are looking to enter the HTML into the email body, then click this.
Body :Write your Autoresponder message here.
Start:If you are looking to begin immediately for this autoresponder, then choose this.
Stop:Set a custom date for the autoresponder for stop responding in this option.
  1. Save Autoresponder

After filling all the details, you have to click on the create or modify button to save your new autoresponder. This is the last step and you have successfully set an autoresponder.

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That’s all, is it simple! Now, you know how to set up an email autoresponder in your cPanel. We hope that you will like this tutorial.



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