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What if you could change everything on your Phone? What if you want to delete stock apps? Writing about customizing a phone is usually much easier than actually customizing it. But not anymore, With the Rootmaster app, you can reach infinity and beyond. Given the choice of an iPhone or an Android device, I will always choose Android. Excluding the price discrepancy, the level of customization that I can access on an Android is miles higher than is available on an iPhone device.

Why settle for stock options when you can truly make your phone your own?Root your device and become a ‘Superuser’. From simple customisations such as changing live wallpapers and alternate keyboard to complex procedures such as custom ROM installations and replacing system settings; Android has customisation options for all users ranging from noob users to hardcore geeks. Your only limitation is your own level of expertise in coding.

What does Rooting mean?

Rooting your device refers to the process of allowing you to gain privileged access (root access). Similar to gaining Administrative permission in OSs such Linux, FreeBSD or macOS.

rootmaster apk

When you buy any Android device, your carrier/hardware manufacturers install limitations on your device. Rooting overcomes the above said limitations. It allows you to modify your system settings and applications, run special apps or perform various other operations that are usually restricted to normal Android users.

Do I need Rooting?

Rooting your Android device generally enables in-depth customisations on your device.

  • Full control over the applications available on your device.

You can backup, restore or batch edit applications. You can also remove bloatware that comes preinstalled on your device. You can also install third party apps that can improve your device

  • Changing the Looks/Feel of your device.

You can change visually change a lot of elements of your device: the color of your battery icon, the device boot animations and etc.

Ability to install Custom ROMs

After rooting your device, you can install custom ROMs such as full OS replacements as well as ‘tweaks’ and ‘mods’ that doesn’t completely overwrite your OS.

  • Permanently do away with Ads

Invasive ads are rampant everywhere. With root access and a good ad-blocking app, you can do away with Ads for good.

  • And Many more.

There is a plethora of options that open up for you after you root your device. You can write to a USB OTG, backup using Titanium Backup (backup even system level files), automate everything on your device (Tasker), boost your battery life/speed by underclock/overclock your device CPU and many more.

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Warning! Beware!

Even though rooting is generally considered an upgrade to your devices status-quo; lack of knowledge and the improper rooting procedure can result in a nightmare for you.Rooting your device voids your android smartphone/tablet manufacturer’s warranty. Improper roots can also result in ‘bricking’ your Android device. ‘Bricking’ refers to a condition where your device is useless; i.e. same functionality as a brick.

You need to either have an extensive knowledge about rooting your device or you can use ‘Rootmaster’ app. Download Rootmaster apk and you can be assured to a hassle free rooting experience.

What is Rootmaster?

There was a time when rooting an Android device was only possible by connecting your Android device to a PC and use command prompts/development interface called Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

about rootmaster apk

Rooting without sufficient knowledge often lead to ‘bricking’; a condition where your device doesn’t turn on, no matter what you do.With the invention of the Rootmaster app by a Chinese team of developers named Mygun, you can root your device with a single tap.

With Rootmaster, all you need is a single download and a simple installation. NO need for a PC and NO need for pesky programmings; a single tap and you are done. Rootmaster is therefore considered to be the ideal stand-alone rooting tool.

Boasting a size of just 4.5 MB, Rootmaster apk is relatively small in size when compared to other Root apks.

Rootmaster app is currently compatible with almost all Android versions from Android 1.5 to its higher versions.

The Rootmaster app has a simple and easy to use interface. The several functions that are available are clearly saturated.

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How to Install RootMaster

Rootmaster apk not available on the Google Play store, however it is still easily accessible.

Just go to https://rootmasterapk.org and download the latest English version apk that is available there.

You need to enable third-party installation on your Android device before you can install Rootmaster.

To enable third party installation; go to Settings → Security → enable ‘Unknown sources’ → press ‘OK’

Follow the instructions that are provided on the screen and finish the installation of Rootmaster.

Rooting your Device

Once you have installed the Rootmaster app to your Android device, rooting your device is just a few taps away.

Open the Rootmaster app

Click ‘Start’ or ‘Tap to root’ button in the middle of your screen

Wait for the process to finish. It may take a few minutes and your device may restart a couple of times

You will arrive upon a screen that says, “Successfully”

And you are done. You have successfully rooted your device. You may need to restart your device to finish the process.

what is rootmaster apk rootmaster apk


Your phone is your domain. And you are the king in your domain.

Be it app customizations, your themes or your mods, you should be able to edit and change any and everything. Rooting your Android device truly makes you the king of your phone. And Rootmaster is your one-stop app for all your rooting needs. 

With the Rootmaster app, you have no need for a PC or a data cable; you can root your device with a click of an app.

what is rootmaster apk

So download Rootmaster and customize your Android device to the ends of the earth and back. What other app do you use to root your Android Device? Give the Rootmaster app a try and if you have any queries regarding Rootmaster apk downloading and installations, comment below.

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  • Is Rootmaster app apk safe to use?

The Rootmaster app apk is perfectly safe to use. With thousands of users, there have been no complaints and many report Rootmaster app to be one of the easiest rooting app currently available.

As the Rootmaster app is not available on the Google Play Store, just download the latest version of Rootmaster app apk from its original website and you are good to go. Do remember that backing up your phone is a good idea before you mess around with root access. So have a backup of your phone incase the situation goes south,

  • Will Rootmaster void my warranty?

Rooting your Android device voids the device’s software warranty. However, you still retain your Hardware warranty.

The best way to ensure that you face no problem is by doing a complete backup of your Android device before you root your device.


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