It is a disheartening situation. When you realize that you have accidentally deleted a document or you have closed a document on which you are working for hours without saving. Sometimes this may be because of a sudden interruption in power supply or because of random Windows crash. Because cannot afford to lose your hard work like this so there are some of the ways you can try to recover your lost documents.
In this article, you will find the ways to entirely or partially retrieve a lost document and if you cannot recover it what can help you.

Look for the file in auto recovery:

Depending on which version of Microsoft Office you are using there are different ways to recover files. From time to time office saves a copy of file automatically. After an accidental shutdown when your open MS office again you find a list of last saved copies in the left pane. You can select a file and can recover it. If you do not find any list, then you can try to find auto recovery files here.

Word 2002 / 2003

Go the Tools menu, click Options
Now go to the File Locations tab and double-click on AutoRecover files
Copy the file path and then close the dialog box.
Paste the copied path in Windows Explorer and find AutoRecover file location
Look for files ending in .asd

In Word 2007

Start Word 2007.
Click the Office Button given in the top left, and then click Open.
In the Files of type list, click All Files.
You will see a list of back up files click the backup file that you found, and then click Open.

Word 2010

In the File menu, click Open.
In the Files of type list, click on All Files.
Click the backup file that you found, and then click Open.
In Office 2013 or later, a side panel listing documents can be recovered will appear when you next time open any document.

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Search Manually

If Recovery options fail, then you can use Windows Search (or the search box in the start menu for Windows Vista, 7 or 10) to search for the file name (if you have saved it just ones). If you remember file name or a part of file name, then you can search like this, but if you do not remember the name then you can search for all Word documents. To do this type *.doc or type *.docx to find all Word files. Here * is wild card and .doc or .docx extension. By doing this, you will have all the word files on the computer in front of you, and you can sort them by date modified to get the latest one (The one on which you were the last working)

find lost documents

Find a copy of the document using previous versions:

There is one more way to recover your document if your document has closed without saving. It depends on the settings on your MS office. So, you can check these settings by going to Word Options, Clicking on Save Tab and then checking the box “Keep last AutoSaved version if I close without saving” Though office will make different copies of your documents, in the case of emergency it will be easier for you to find the last saved document.

lost document in windows
If you work on the documents on the cloud like on google docs or drop box, then you are safe because they auto save your documents after every single edit. Since your document is on cloud storage, you are away from the fear of system crash.

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Recovering from windows shadow copy:

Another way of recovering a deleted document is a little tricky and is dependent on the edition of Windows you are using. The second condition to make it work is that your system has to restore point/points created.
First, you need to create a document with the same name of the document you have lost. You can create it anywhere on your computer. Now right click on the document and go to properties now click on “Previous version tab” you will find the list of previous versions here if you have given the same name to the document and all the mentioned conditions are met.

recover lost documents

Using third party software:

At last, if nothing work for you then go for a data recovery software to recover documents. There are many software’s available to recover documents, but we have found Advanced Disk Recovery from Systweak software to work very well. The application is efficient enough to recover all type of files. The application is known for quick scanning and its simple interface.
So now do not panic if you have lost a document. These were some of the methods by which you can recover or retrieve your documents if they have accidentally deleted or closed without saving.

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