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Most speakers today make some funny noises mostly in the bass region. This can be as a result of some things such as the unfortunate design of such speakers; the speakers beat design, the position of the speaker in the room or a combination of all these mentioned issues.

You don’t always find it funny when your bass produces a too much boom sound which is quite disturbing anyway. We know about this cause we have once been in your shoes and we felt how unnerving it can be.

Is your speaker’s bass emitting an unnecessary noise or sound that you aren’t cool with? Have you been on the quest to know how to reduce the bass in your speakers? If yes, this article might be able to help. We have created this article to help you in resolving these issues. For more issue about the speaker, you can check out at Music Instruments Center.

How to Reduce Bass on Speakers

The booming sound you get from your bass can be as a result of various things, some of these things are:

  1. The loudness control turned on
  2. The volume not tuned in line with the bass
  3. The way or the angle at which you place your speaker
  4. The way in which the ADS speakers are wired
  5. The slider on your equalizer is turned up

Learning how to avert these issues will help a great deal. Are you worried about how to go about it? Drop your worries, here is how to resolve the issues that cause an increase in the bass level of your speakers. Remember by averting the issues, you will succeed in reducing the bass in your speaker.

This article will teach you how to reduce the bass in your speakers by addressing factors that add up to the increase in the bass in the first place and how to avoid them. By avoiding these factors, you can easily correct the issues and reduce the bass in your speakers. Now, the first factor to address is;


The loudness control turned on

Some amp has the loudness control. In case your amp has it, and it is turned on, you might definitely get loud bass emitting from your speakers. To avoid this, all you need to do is to turn the loudness control off before you make adjustments on the amp. This will help you to get the kind of sound you desire to hear from your speaker’s bass.

Another factor that could cause an increase in your speaker’s bass is if

The volume is not tuned in line with the bass

If your speaker’s volume isn’t in tune with the bass, you might get unwanted noises from the bass. To avoid this, ensure that the two (speaker’s volume and bass) agree. For example, if your speaker’s volume is increased, ensure the bass is increased. When the volume is decreased, the bass should also be decreased to get an even and accurate sound from your speaker instead of the unwanted bass boom you are battling with.

The way and angle at which you place your speaker

This might also be the reason for your bass speaker noise. The direction of the room at which you place your speaker can also determine the way in which your bass will sound. If you placed your speakers on the floor, you might be getting unwanted noises from your bass. What we will advise you do to get rid of this noise that is hindering the reduction of your bass in your speakers is to place the speakers a bit above the floor. Move the speakers away from or closer to each other as much as you can. Place a speaker at your wall rear or at your side walls. Choose the method that best suits your need to reduce the bass in your speakers. If this is done properly, you will definitely get the result you want.

The way in which your speaker’s ADS are wired can also bring about your speaker’s high bass volume. Here is what to do to reduce the bass.

Try driving the ADS from the subwoofer. With this, a higher pass filter is provided by the sub. This method is really effective at reducing the bass in the speaker. You could also adjust the subwoofer placement and phase alignment if your subwoofer has such settings. It also helps in reducing the bass.

Lastly, we have got to know that if the slider on your equalizer is tuned up, it can affect your bass. To avoid this, reduce your slider equalizer, and this will result in a reduction in the bass in your speaker.


A booming bass is often annoying especially if you don’t require all the noise your bass is emitting. The article above is written to address some of the factors that cause this and show you how to reduce your bass in your speakers. We are sure that if you follow the guides and tips which are written above, your bass and its noise issue will be a thing of the past. If you found the article helpful and resourceful, feel free to share.


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