How to Protect Directory with Password in cPanel

The foremost important thing to do is safeguard your files in a folder by putting a password. It ensures that the files are safely locked and secured without anyone else being able to access them. The cPanel provides a very good way to put password and Protect Directory with ease. For a better understanding of the complete process, step by step guideline is provided below.

Protect Directory with Password in cPanel

Step 1) You have to Log into your cPanel account by using your username and password.

cpanel login-screen

Step 2) Next step is to click on the ‘Files’ section and there you will see an icon with Directory Privacy and tap on it now.

Directory Privacy

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Step 3) You will have multiple directories and you can choose the directory you wish to protect with a password. A screen will pop-up on your screen ‘Set Permissions’ where you have to supply the folder name you desire to protect. After you have given the name you move to the next step.

Directory Privacy

Step 4) Now you will see a box with a label saying ‘Password protect the directory’. There you have to provide the name of the folder that you desire to protect others from accessing.

Directory Privacy

Step 5) In order to make sure that you have entered the folder name of your choice click on ‘Save’ and you are ready to move ahead to the next step. When you have the right name for the chosen directory then the next option will be putting the password to protect the directory.

Directory Privacy

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Step 6) Now, you are ready to go. Create the user of your choice which will be required when you wish to access the protected directory. Without this username and password, no one can access the files in the dedicated folder.


Step 7) The final step is to click on ‘Save’ and you have protected your directory. You have secured your specific folder and the username and password to access the designated folder are with you.

Above is the step by step guideline how you can protect your directory by putting a password where no one else can access it without the username and password.

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