ProofHub Review : All-in-one Project Management Tool

ProofHub is a cloud project management company, which assist the users in staying on the top of the deliverables and deadlines. This platform allows the managers and decision makers to create notes, discuss plans, calendar daily tasks and much more. In addition to this, it also helps the managers in all the critical phases of a project starting from planning to delivering outcomes on time. The deadlines and requirements can be easily shared by managers to their team members by sharing timesheets, schedules, and notes. The main aim of the company behind the creation of this software is to innovate a product, which can help the people get work done together and faster.

There is a great range of customers attracted by the ProofHub, which include fledgling start-up to large corporations. Some of the top customers of this product are Harvard University, the University of Kent, TripAdvisor, Wipro, and much more. The software is available in many different languages such as German, French, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Polish.

About ProofHub

ProofHub was launched  in 2011. The main headquarters of the company is situated in Walnut, California, United States. They offer agile project issue tracking, collaboration, resource management, notifications, task management and much more for all the users from personal use to large companies.proofhub-logo

ProofHub Features

Have a look at the top features of this software:

  • Integrated Project Calender

The software comes with a color-coded calendar which displays late, upcoming and completed tasks. Along with that, the milestones and tasks can be easily added from the same workspace. If a task is assigned to a team member, he/she will get notified of the assignment. Also, they will get a notification 48 hours before the due date of the task.

  • Task Management

With the help of the task management features, the managers can divide their work into smaller subtasks and organized their work easily. They can directly comment on the tasks for an instant response. In addition to this, the users can view each task in all the projects in a single view.

  • Multiple Timesheets and Time Tracking

The users can create several timesheets for each project, which can be grouped and sorted in different ways for easy monitoring and computation. Additionally, there is a Time Track tool, which offers information for a particular user, date and hours. It also includes a description of the progress by a team member for a duration and a particular date.

  • Chat Tool

The communication and collaboration can be enhanced by the inbuilt chat tool among the managers and team members without any requirement for signing in or registering on another messaging software.

  • Inbuilt Proofing

One of the best features of the ProofHub is its proofing tool in which users can see pictures and images in high resolution. This means that the viewers don’t have to open the file with a different image application. The client and reviewer can mark the changes, draw shapes and add notes easily without any issue.

  • Project Templates

The users of the ProofHub will get the option to use the project templates for frequent projects. They can also convert an existing template into the project and start work on the new one as it arrives.

  • Mobile Features

The users can access their account with any mobile device having a browser due to this feature, the team members and project managers can update and work on their projects anywhere.

  • Advanced Features

The software comes with lots of unique features such as proofing, time tracking and Casper mode, which makes it more robust and versatile.

  • Custom Roles

The ProofHub comes with three predefined user roles, i.e., admin, owner and normal user. Along with that, the owners of the account also have access to create custom roles and can give permissions to other users for doing the same thing. The users are allowed to view, add and edit things in a particular section through a View-only access, whereas the view-and-manage access allows the users to add, edit, and delete work items.

ProofHub Review

ProofHub Pros

  • Easy to use

All the functions and tools in the software are so simple to use that even a non-technical user can easily use it. There are instant email notifications sent to the user about changes in the project status or any milestone.

  • Social Collaboration

The teamwork is fostered by this software when used in an organization. It is a built-in social network to promote knowledge and feedback sharing within the product.

  • Full Function Task Management

There is an important role played by the task management in a project management software. The ProofHub software comes with a rich list of the task management features, which include group tasking, setting task priorities and much more.

  • Excellent Customer Support

The company offers a complete knowledge base on their website for the video tutorials, FAQs, and use cases. The users can easily address the common questions in most cases. Along with this, it also offers an Update page to inform the users about the latest issues or features.

  • Social Media Engagement

The ProofHub is more relevant and gets updated with more frequency when it comes to social media engagement. The simple questions can be easily tweeted by the customers. Additionally, they also get access to the press releases, usual articles, service interruption, etc.

  • Compatibility

This software is compatible with lots of popular operating systems such as Android, iOS, and Windows, which helps users to access the software anywhere with an internet connection.

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A Quick walkthrough if Proofhub

ProofHub Cons

  • No Budgeting Features

There are lots of users who have complained about the lack of the budgeting features, which may trouble some people.

  • Agile Without a Backlog

There are lots of features to handle agile methodologies. However, it doesn’t have a clear product backlog, which is required for the flexible product development.

  • Limited features

The users have limited access to the risk tracking and resource management features, which may be a reason for concern for the clients and team members.

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ProofHub Plans

There are four types of plans offered by the ProofHub for the convenience of the users:

  • Individual Plan

It is the cheapest plan offered by the ProofHub, which costs only $18/month for annual customers, where it increases to $20/ month for the monthly customers. Also, the individual plan can be used for 10 projects and comes with 3 GB storage. This plan only offers core plans, such as task management, calendar, time tracking, file sharing and discussions.

  • Startup Plan

The Start-Up plan comes with additional features such as private items and Gatt Chart along with all the core features. However, this plan can be used for 40 projects and offer 15 GB storage to the users. For people who billed it annually it will cost $540/ year whereas, for the monthly users, it costs $50/ month.

  • Business Plan

The company has made this plan, especially for the large business organizations. It offers unique features such as custom domain, group chat, time tracking, private items and Gantt chart along with the core features to the users. This plan can be used for 80 projects and offer 30 GB storage. For yearly customers, this plan costs $756/ year, whereas it costs $70/ month for the people who choose to pay monthly.

  • Enterprise Plan

It is the most powerful plan offered by the ProofHub, which comes with extra features such as custom roles, manager reports, advanced security, Gantt chart, private items and time tracking. The owner can use this plan uses it for an unlimited number of projects and get 100 GB storage. The monthly users need to pay $150 per month, whereas the yearly plan costs $135 to the users.


Note: All the plans allow the users to add as many employees, team members, vendors, and clients. Along with that, a 30-day free trial is offered by the company for all its paid accounts. There is no need to enter the credit card number to use the trial period. An email notifying the users about the trial period end is sent by the support team prior to its end. The company accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal payments to purchase the paid plans.

Final Comment

ProofHub is an excellent product management tool, which can be benefited to the non-profit groups, commercial companies, individual consultants, organizations, and freelancers. It functions at a very high level for a low price along with the solid customer support. However, the software lacks in integration for some features.

We will strongly recommend this software to the users as it offers all the basic essentials of the project management with aplomb. Please share your reviews in the comment section below.

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  1. There are much better and more powerful free project management platforms. Bitrix24 gives you Gantt chart and task dependencies even in the free plan. There aren’t any limits on users or projects. Freedcamp is another excellent free project management platform. Todoist is great and free.


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