While managing the project, people usually overlook some important points which they don’t consider worthy at all. But these points have the bearing to change the whole picture. Here are those 10 best practices of project management that you must follow:

Communication is the key

The first rule to best project management is proper communication of objectives, goals & agenda with each and every stakeholder, viz. managers, clients, members, project sponsors, users and all key persons related with it directly or indirectly.

Play safe & create risk response team

You may face several risks and you can’t put the work on hold by getting busy in eliminating risk element. So, create a team and let the risk be managed by that only. This defensive technique will pay you a ton.

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Hold a meeting

Usually, this point is overlooked by many project managers. Aligning all the tasks, responsibilities and assignments with every stakeholder is essential. And, for this, a meeting is necessary so that expectations can be clearly explained & awareness regarding every task can be grabbed completely.

Work definition document

Accountability should be first clear out and everyone must know for what tasks they will be responsible so that the possible confusions can be easily curbed. This will raise the intact of better results as all have the clear understanding for their work.

Complete work plan

The work plan is necessary as it will keep you up to date and will never let you fall. You can accomplish the project even before deadlines. You get a complete overview and can easily measure the time of completion of each activity.

Document each single activity

Documentation helps you in overcoming your loopholes. The challenges you have faced earlier are a big lesson for you and that data can make your today’s decision, the best. Every detail including tasks, dependencies, steps, changes, scope etc. you should note down.

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Feedback is always rewarding

For the success, you should take feedback from team members. Yes, it may hurt your ego, but believe me, it would be really worthy. You can’t detect what others think unless you ask them to tell. Take feedback and work on every loophole. Success will be yours!

Say ‘Yes’ to new tasks

Don’t be stick to one thing. New things can bring new & positive outcomes. So, take it and check the budget & timeline to manage the resources accordingly. The tasks can prove vital to project but do a complete analysis first.

Managing new agreements

If you take the new project along with the one going on, then firstly let all stakeholders sign the documents. It will reduce perplexing circumstances as all will perfectly know about the details properly. 

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Wrap-up meeting

As the project has ended, so it’s time to have a complete overview of the complete project. With this, you can get assured success for the upcoming projects. Wrap up meeting always bring out incredible ideas for further improvement.

Don’t forget these practices while managing the projects. You can also refer to the infographics mentioned below:

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management timeline software

Don’t Forget These 10 Project Management Best Practices


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