load images faster wordpress

load images faster on wordpress

In this article we are going to discuss the top 5 such plugins to load images faster on WordPress. Have you been running a WordPress blog? In that case, you already know that images are a crucial part of blog posts. Some posts may have fewer images but some posts may contain a lot of images. Most images imply that webpage will take more time to load. Eventually, more loading time results in substandard user experience for the website visitor. Page rank of the website is also depends upon the speed at which the page loads.

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Smaller sized images also mean that you’ll need less space on server and on backup servers as well. It also saves bandwidth usage for both you and your visitors. So It is very important to speed up the page load by optimizing the images for the better user experience. Luckily, there are number of readymade plugins available to cater to this need.

  1. CW Image Optimizer: CW Image optimizer tops the list as it automatically does lossless optimization the images on your blog. The optimization is done for all the images including the images in the already published posts. So no worries if you already have a lot of image heavy posts. This plugin will optimize all already posted posts as well. One of the peculiar feature of this plugin is that image files are optimized on your own server and do not get uploaded to any other server as it uses Linux littleutils image optimization tools.
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  2. WP Smush:
    WP Smush
    Without doubt, it is the most popular choice for image compression plugins. It comes packed with features like setting maximum height and width of image. So when the image is compressed, along with reduction in size, the height and width of images can also be optimized. It basically trims all the bulky useless information in the image without the loss of quality. Image compression algorithms runs on dedicated servers, so no heavy lifting is to be done by your own servers.
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  3. BJ Lazy Load:
    BJ Lazy Load
    This awesome takes a totally different approach than the previous two items on the list to help your website load faster. Instead of reducing the size of each image on your website, it loads the image only when it’s necessary. It procrastinates the loading of the images till the time user is near to the specific part of the webpage which contains that image. This helps in improving the initial load time and also overall total bandwidth usage. It uses iframes to achieve this which in turn means that the lazy loading is done not only for the images but also for video files such as videos from YouTube and Vimeo.
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  4. EWWW Image Optimizer:
    EWWW Image Optimizer
    This plugin optimizes your image files as soon as you upload the image file. It automatically converts the files to formats which are smallest in size. It is lossless by default, but can also apply lossy compression algorithms to achieve even better savings for JPEG and PNG format images. It also has option to optimize images in bulk i.e. optimize already saves images at once.
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  5. Imsanity:
    This one is another great WordPress plugin in situations where you do not need high resolution images and also where contributors do not care about scaling images before uploading them. It also allows users to set maximum height, width and quality of images.
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So in total we saw 5 WordPress plugins which enables you to improve the website’s loading time drastically by just reducing the time taken by images to load. Fast loading means better user experience for visitors which in turn contributes to success of your website.

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