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Want to create excitement to your monotonous friends’ gatherings? Then, add Pixel Gun 3D game to your list to try out with your buddies. PIXEL GUN 3D is on the top of the popularity charts for its impressive presentation and universal appeal. One gets easily addicted to this game after playing it. Its modes and features are quite alluring to people of all age groups.

The interesting part is, you can customize the characters according to your choice and this freedom is quite liked by the players and makes it a preferred Game for most. It provides an unusual experience for the player. Especially if one is a zombie game lover and loves to compete, then this is going to be their most favorite game of all the times. With engaging graphics, playing becomes icing on the cake. Let’s discuss its features.

Pixel Gun 3d for PC

This marvelous game can be enjoyed with friends as well. The 3D feature makes this game unique from all others. But, one cannot download it as it is not available publicly. However, there are some steps which can be followed to install it on the PC. Here are features of the Pc version and steps through which one can download it.

PIXEL GUN 3D for pc

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  • Customize own Character: By Using skin maker and the different tools available, one can customize own character and cap.
  • The Option to share: In this, the player gets a chance to share its points on social networking sites. It is a great way of boosting the confidence as the player can even challenge his/her friends on these websites.
  • Story mode: In story mode, one can even choose the favorite tale, like a superhero or fairy tales. This mode adds more colors to the game and makes it peculiar from all.
  • Survival mode: In survival mode, one can play for countless hours. Here, as per the performance, rewards are ready to honor the player.

Latest Features in the game

Pixel gun 3d mod APK game has been made particularly for mobile devices, where one can enjoy the game to the fullest. Its multiplayer mode makes the game more interesting. At different levels, one can enjoy distinctive features provided.  It’s available for both IOS and Android phones.


  • The mode of the game: One life, two companies and, seven fixed rounds are all that makes it a fascinating one. You can fight with 3vs3 at one time. It makes the level more challenging and exciting.
  • New weapons: In the latest version, one can enjoy a new set of weapons. Some of them are Thunderer, judge and much more.
  • Superb prizes on every winning: When the player successfully crosses the level, then he will now be getting rewarded with some money coins.
  • Upgrade system: Throughout the game, one can choose unique weapons of his/her choice and upgrade them as well. With upgraded system, crossing the hurdles and becoming champion becomes more attractive.


  • The volume of the game: Now one can adjust the degree of fantastic music according to one’s taste or interest.
  • Reward: At the end of the game, every player gets accorded for sure.
  • Jukebox: Jukebox is being introduced to choose a variety of songs which you can enjoy throughout the game.
  • The weight of weapons: Weightage of weapons can be adjusted. It will vary your speed, as with a heavy weapon as one can run slowly and vice versa.
  • Friends profile: Now one can see achievements, trophies of the friends also, in their profiles.

Different Modes of the game


Pixel Gun 3d Multiplayer

Multiplayer Mode

One can enjoy it with fellow beings. Multiplayer mode offers the option to fight with thousands of players. One can win battles and become the best fighter. Here, you can fight within your friend circle, and also you can create your character with a unique tool (Special skin maker).

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Features of  Multiplayer Mode

  • Maximum 8 players can play in a single game.
  • There is a chat feature, through which one can talk about the fighter, which makes the game more enjoyable to play.
  • Variety of weapons are available. One can use as per their choice or need like, AK47, Desert Eagle and, shotgun, etc.
  • With skin maker, one can customize an own character according to the choice.
  • Simple exciting and feel new experience while playing this fantastic game.

Cooperative Mode

This mode of the game is a little bit simple as compared to the multiplayer mode with almost the same features. In this mode, even fewer players can play. In this, the fighting area and circle have been established in limited space.

pixel gun 3d Cooperative Mode

Features of Cooperative Mode

  • Fewer players: In Cooperative mode, 4 (Four) Participants can play at a time. The fighting circle is limited. Chances of winning are more as compared to multiplayer mode.
  • Communication with opposition: Similar to Multiplayer mode, in this, one can do chat with your opponent (Fighter) and, it makes the game more entertaining.
  • Exclusive Maps: 8 Special Maps are available in this gaming mode. One can choose his/her way, according to the choice. These maps consist different hurdles and, one has to cross all those obstacles to reach the destination point.
  • Winning Prizes: As per the performance, one can earn coins as prizes. After getting the final result, It will get added to the account.

Survival Campaign

The survival campaign is incredibly engaging part of this game. How the player makes himself alive until the end, raises the interest of players to play this game. In this mode, with numerous features, one enjoys the suspense while playing it.

Features of Survival Campaign

  • Fight With Zombies: In this mode of the game, one can fight with Zombie face to face in many other forms like robbers, nurses, etc.
  • Stay alive until the end: The primary target of the player is to be alive until the end and reach the destination after crossing all the hurdles.

The survival mode has many more new features, which captivates the attention of everyone who plays it. If one is playing for the first time, then there is a Training campaign as well, to make the player acquaint with all pros & cons.

  • Training campaign: In training campaign, one will get the knowledge regarding all modes of games. How to play it, how to take weapons, how to cross all hardships, so that no confusions can leave to the player while playing it.
  • Point of attraction: New particular mode of graphics and cool music are the center of attraction of this game, that one enjoys while playing.
  • More challenging: In the latest version, one will get many hard levels and also narrow crossing lanes. One has to cross these levels wisely.
  • Improved weapons: Weaponry is improved. One can choose heavy or dangerous weapons to fight with the enemies.

How to download Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK?

download Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK

One can enjoy this fantastic game by downloading it on the device. Download the original file of pixel gun 3D MOD APK from Google Play Store and go For this power packed Game.

  • Install APK on the device
  • Copy “Com.pixel.gun3d” into “Android / Obb” folder.
  • Initiate the game.

Here are some other steps to follow, which can help to download:

  • Download Rooted Bluestacks or Bluestacks App Player.
  • After downloading, start running Bluestacks.
  • You will get directed to the Welcome page.
  • Select the search tab and Type here ‘Pixel Gun 3D’.
  • You will get Pixel Gun 3D names app here, after clicking on that, Google Play Store will get opened.
  • Install the app from here.
  • Enjoy the game by playing it.

If you want to install it on a mobile phone, then only go to your Playstore and search here, ‘Pixel Gun 3D’. You can install from here directly and can enjoy on your Android device.

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Want to get pixel gun 3d skins? Here is the procedure:

pixel gun 3d skins

To get the Pixel Gun 3D skins, one can go to the shop in the game and click on the skin which the player wants. But if the player wants to customize own skin, then one can press the white skin with a question-mark appear on the bottom of the player’s body. After clicking on that, it will demand 45 coins. Do a double click on that, and you will get the full body with white skin.

If one wants to convert into another skin, then there will be a skin box, and one can apply any skin that he/she wants to have.

Pixel Gun 3d Hack (APK)

Pixel Gun 3d hack

Do you like zombie games? Do you want to save your city from Zombies? Then this game is completely for you. Here, you get lots of potent weapons to fight the zombies. One can get online hack tools for Pixel Gun 3d Hack APK, which help to generate coins and unlimited gems. It can be done on Android devices or browser or by using cloud server as well. It’s easy to use the hacking tool:

  • Add the email address or username
  • Click on connect and enter the resources with which you want to continue further.
  • Click on generate and let the process get completed.
  • Now, you are all free to use the resources.

But always keep one thing in mind, hacking is an illegal way. It’s good if one does anything or play a game after following the instructions and rules.


Q: Is it compatible with every device?  
A: Yes. The Pixel Gun 3D game is completely compatible with each & every device. One can easily use it, without facing any problem. 
Q: Is it possible to play this game with friend circle? 
A: Yes. One can play it with friends in Multiplier Mode.  
Q: Is it beneficial to learn the layout? 
A: Yes, having knowledge of the design of the game will serve as a plus point for you. If you know the locations and memorize the maps, then you can quickly attack and get protection from Zombies’ attacks as well.   
Q: Is it safe to attack from one particular position? 
A: No. To save yourself from massive damage, you have to move quickly and look out for safe side. 



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