Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse Review & Best Alternatives

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A gaming mouse is considered as a desktop mouse that delivers the best experience when performing high-intensity programming on gaming monitors. The functions of this gaming mouse include higher sensitivity, programmable buttons, faster response time, and adjustable weight.

Every gaming freak is looking to buy a gaming mouse at an affordable rate which consists of the best features to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. However, most gamers assume that buying one might cost a fortune. Well, that is not true!

Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse

We review the Pictek 7T gaming mouse, which is one of the best gaming mice available at a budget-friendly price tag and also encompasses all the features that you are looking for.

Let us have a look at the detailed review of this gaming mouse:


The Pictek T7 is undoubtedly quite useful when it comes to gaming and also for regular computing purposes. Despite being budget-friendly, the model has a lot to offer.

Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse

The mouse buttons provide solid feedback. The overall form factor and design of the mouse is quite standard, and the buttons on the left and top sides are easily accessible.

The scroll bar could have offered more particular or intense feedback, though it does depend on your choice too. The T7 software has a lot of spectacular features that you might not be expecting like programmable buttons, adjustable lighting, and adjustable DPI.

Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse dpi

The macro recorder part of the software is quite better than average that is known to be appropriate for most users and which also tends to support adding mouse functions like left and right-click on keyboard.

There are few drawbacks to this model. Firstly, it has a recessed power switch button on the bottom of the mouse, which is entirely unnecessary. Not only this, but it is recessed to prevent the mouse from interfering with the movement of the mouse, which is quite a disappointment.

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This is one of the most significant drawbacks of the model, but it doesn’t spoil the gaming sessions much. Another disadvantage of this unit is that its software appears on CD and Pictek doesn’t have any website or support page. So chances of updates are pretty narrow.

Overall, T7 is a standard-sized simple model that has quite excellent features based on the price it comes. This gaming mouse can come in handy for three to six months.

Price and Reception

Pictek is an independent company that sells its products through the help of mediators like Amazon agents from the UK and China. T7 is currently their best model which is priced only at $15.99. Currently, the product has garnered a positive response with 4.4 reviews from more than a thousand customers, which is quite spectacular.

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Based on our gaming experience, the device works best with mouse pads like Stitched edge, and VicTsing, while it does work well with the VicTsing wired gaming keyboard too.

Onboard Memory

Onboard memory allows users to save the gaming preference; thanks to Pictek, T7 comprises this amazing feature that will enable you to travel with the mouse, you also go along with your gaming preferences.

Build and design

Pictek T7 has a skin-friendly and ergonomic design, meaning you can use the mouse as long as you require without having to worry about any irritation on the skin.

Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse buttons

T7’s hardware is built of premium quality ABS material that ensures a click lifespan of 30 million. The edges here are symmetrical in a structure that highlights the claw grip design, making it suitable for right-handed as well as left-handed gamers. Moreover, the device is sweat-resistant and boasts of anti-fingerprint technology.

Pros & Cons

  • T7’s click lifespan lasts for over 30 million clicks
  • Comes along with customizable DPI and RGB lights
  • Warranty of over 18 months, makes it a reliable and durable product
  • Missing support of XBOX or PS4
  • Not compatible with Mac operating software

Few Alternatives to the Pictek T7

With the market inundated with top-quality gaming mouses, here are a few that come close to the Pictek T7.

  • Razer Naga Trinity

Razer Naga Trinity is among the most versatile gaming mice so far. It is ideal for those who game for long hours. The specs of the mouse include swappable side panels along with different buttons layout.

Razer Naga Trinity

It consists of a 12 button MMO layout, FPS two side button layout and a circular seven button layout that assists in playing multiplayer online battle arena games. The sensor of the mouse provides excellent performance and a CPI range that can be easily customized with the Razer Synapse software.

The mouse is wide and quite bulky, which is not perfect for gamers with smaller hands. Also, like an older Razer mouse, the cable is stiff and requires to be stretched out often. If you have a library filled with exciting and action-centric games, then this mouse is the perfect choice for you.

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  • Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, decent performing gaming mouse, then the Logitech G305 is up for grabs. Slightly bulkier than other mice, the g305 can be used both as wired and wireless.

Logitech G305

It has a low profile body, allowing you to use the fingertip grip of the model for irritable movements. The two side buttons are easily accessible and are a bit heavier thanks to the AA batteries. The battery life of the mouse is 250 hours, which is quite commendable and can go without charging for hours.

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Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse is the top-most performing mouse that comprises impressive features that you might be looking for in a gaming mouse. It is a budget-friendly gaming mouse that is worth buying, and we are pretty sure that it will not disappoint you.

It has a steady structure that performs quite well for an entry-level gaming mouse, and it is available just under $20. With a simple and neat design, the Pictek 7T Gaming Mouse is available in aesthetic-pleasing black and white matte colors. The gaming mouse is home to some of the most spellbinding features that will definitely please every gamer.

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