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The job of project manager is very crucial. A small mistake can ruin the entire processing and hence failure to meet goals result in unending frustration. You may have faced the same situation & want to avoid it come what may, right? Then always remember proper project planning is the basis to get the victory. Dubious plans, miscommunications, shrinking budgets can shake the entire hard work. To evade it, we are sharing 10 elements that you should take into consideration before executing the plan.

Make an outline of stakeholders’ needs and business justification

Stakeholders’ requirements and their opinions hold utmost importance and you firstly need to clear what they want and what your project will offer them. Beside this, you need to check out whether the project results will align the goals or priorities of your business or not. So, make a proper outline of all this.

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List down all the requirements and objectives of the project

The project objectives, capabilities, expected deliverables and everything associated with the project having a strong bearing on its success should be listed down first. Also, needs of shareholders should be analyzed so that those can be aligned with project objectives.

A statement describing project scope

To reduce the possibilities of miscommunications, prepare a statement recording the entire details of project so that everyone can easily guess what they are supposed to do.

List of deliverables

Prepare a list of all tasks along with due dates to complete it before the deadline.

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Detailed project schedule

To get desired output, make a chart of what tasks are required to process along with the stipulated time to complete all that. Set due dates to complete and keep some extra time for follow-up.

Complete management plan after the risk assessment

Here the potentials of management become your strongest point. So, assess the risk carefully and check the risk quantum you can bear easily, and accordingly, make a plan.

Defined responsibilities & roles

Clarify the roles & responsibilities of every participant & stakeholder, so that the things don’t get confounded & becomes hazardous.

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Resource allocation

Allocate the resources optimally after considering time, budget and material available to you. Do it carefully.

QA Plan

To check whether your deliverables have met the desired quality, you need to set some standards. For that make proper QA plan that will cross-check the quality that you have bestowed is meeting with desired quality or you need to do more work to make it acceptable. This is a crucial step so, do it with due consideration.

Communication Plan

As you are working in a team, so the team members or stakeholders expect updates from you time to time. Hence, you need to develop a proper communication plan after ensuring your time to talk with team members, updates you need to give etc. Also, you are required to clear the authority to take decisions that which decisions need approval and which can be taken independently.

Consider all these elements to get success in projects & to meet the desired goals, and make a perfect project plan.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management software company

10 Essential Elements for the Perfect Project Plan - by Wrike project management software


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