In any corporation, there is the need to distribute documents which contain highly confidential information among the board of directors or board committees. The same holds true for your enterprise.

Such circulated documents could be related to things that are critical to your organization, such as strategy papers, internal reviews, competitive market research reports, and board remunerations. And, you would not want such information to fall into the wrong hands. In fact, it is a big challenge to ensure that this kind of critical data is not accessed by anyone from your company who is not on the board of directors.

It would have been easier to ensure this confidentiality of the information with restricted access to a select few if all the board members belonged to the corporate network. But, that is not always the case. Many board members are likely outside your company network and access such critical PDF documents from the public internet domain. This makes it essential for the secretary (who manages, administers, and distributes the boardroom documents) to safeguard the documents by ensuring authorized access.

PDF DRM Security

As the documents are to be circulated to groups of individuals outside your company’s IT processing, the secretary needs an administration system which cannot be accessed by the IT department. This is where a PDF Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution plays a vital role as it can ensure secure distribution of sensitive PDF documents.

You can quickly set up the administration system with operational and DRM controls for secure access. Directors can then be added as users for this system by using their email addresses. To ensure the seamless distribution of the protected documents to the relevant board or committee members, you can create or add publications (for example, Supervisory Board 2017 and Remuneration Committee 2017).

For each of these publications, appropriate access can be provided to the individuals who are empaneled on the corresponding boards or committees. Secure distribution of the PDF documents can be ensured by assigning them to the right publication, without any compromise on security or access provision outside a particular publication.

The access can even be provided to the board members for a limited time period only by assigning start and end dates based on their term of office. Even if some board members leave or resign midway, their access can be immediately revoked and they will no longer be able to access any of the individual PDF documents.

Log information is also available for document usage so that you can track the history of who viewed or printed the documents, along with the relevant timestamps. With the help of a watermarking feature, you can also come to know the source of any printed copy, whenever you provide printing rights to the members.

Clearly, a PDF DRM solution can ensure secure and well-administered access for your board’s documents. We hope that the above information proves useful to you.

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