Ability to perform a task particularly tells the productivity of a person. A person is useful to an organization until he is performing well and giving some valuable output to it. However, this productivity starts whittle away because of some killers and its impact starts shown up on the overall performance of a person.

Well, you have the ability to perform all the chores in less than the desired time frame. But to always remain productive, you need to understand about 3 productivity killers and the way to beat these all. Here are these, have a look:

Productivity killers:

  • Interruptions
  • Procrastinations
  • Wrong plans

These killers scoop off the performance and make the person incapable of completing any work.

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You need to follow the following criteria to fight these killers, have a look:

Prioritize the interruptions

As per the researches, one gets interrupted every eight minutes. But you need to filter all these interruptions and work accordingly. Without wasting your time, just filter out it as:

  • Urgent and important tasks: It’s your priority. Do it without any delay.
  • Urgent but unimportant tasks: Schedule it for later.
  • Not urgent but important tasks: Delegate it to another person.
  • Not urgent and unimportant: Say it a big no and don’t let your work affected by it.

Stop procrastinating

Sometimes one feels skeptical about big tasks. But don’t ever panic. Just split the whole task into smaller ones and then work on it. If work seems monotonous, then remind yourself of the importance of these tasks to the business. If you are feeling tired, then take a break and then perform it. 

Proper planning

Considering the deadlines in mind, split all projects into different parts. Encourage team participation and let them give their views; it will definitely work out and help in managing and completing the tasks even before the deadlines.

Prevent these killers and be prepared for the future.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike web collaboration tool

3 Notorious Productivity Killers and How to Fight Them - by Wrike project management tools


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