Mobdro APK Review : An App for Android, Windows and Mac

Mobdro has been a revolutionary and evolutionary application.  It is an open sure application that is now trending and is among the top apps. This application helps its user to stream videos for free on their devices.It is an entertainment platform that gives its users unlimited videos from all over the world. With its hassle-free streaming, you can watch your favorite shows and movies without any trouble. The streaming on this app is brilliant and you can watch anything you like without interruption.

It is a must-have app for the Android users who have been annoyed by the fact that television content is dominated by the Cable Operators. The Mobdro app allow the users to stream a great collection of TV channels that include sports, movies, etc. This app can be an awesome choice for the people who travel a lot and want something to get entertained. This app have no content of their own as they take free video content that is available on the internet. Trust us, it is an amazing app that can give you pretty amazing experience.

It supports nearly all the devices such as tablets or cell phones. Mobdro is designed and developed in such a way that it continuously updates all the movies, videos, television channels, TV series, and uploads on the internet for providing in on their interface. Mobdro offers a huge list of channels for its users and also comes in two versions with various benefits in both of them.

By the end of this article, you will know how to install Mobdro apk for Android, Windows, and Mac, if using Mobdro is safe and legal and some of the common problems the user’s face.

What is Mobdro App?

Mobdro app is available for nearly all devices and operating systems such as MAC, Windows, and Android. It offers to stream directly from the internet to the device. It’s fantastic and as well as free for the users. The application comes with a feature of bookmarking, which enables the user to bookmark and save their favorite videos streamed online for later review and for sharing purposes. There are two versions of Mobdro application for the users; one version comes with a bookmarking feature only which is free for everyone. The second version launched by the Mobdro developers is the Mobdro Premium version which offers an amazing and attractive feature of even downloading the videos. Further, the article will discuss these versions in detail.

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Moreover, Mobdro offers a huge video database of each sector, be it sports, movies, documentaries, live streaming, and much more. Mobdro contains nearly all the genres of videos within. It constantly keeps on updating its videos lists and database by continuously searching for more videos for the respective genres. Basically, a user can do a ton of streaming using the Mobdro apk. It becomes easy when the user is away from and cannot access the comfort of television, Mobdro is completely accessible anywhere on any device.

Mobdro Online tv Channel List


As discussed before, Mobdro offers an amazing category of genres to watch on its interface. Mobdro offers sports, TV shows, movies, news and much more. The channels available on Mobdro work in a similar manner such as various other television channels. Since Mobdro have been applauded because of it’s amazingly user-friendly interface, there is one more reason it is considered so. As soon as the user opens the application, they can access the option of ‘Channels’ and can find the list of most streamed and famous channels from around the world. The user can access any channel just by clicking on it. There are various channels such as Animal Planet, Cartoon Network, CNBC, FX, ABC, and other popular and famous channels.

Movies – Mobdro can be rated as one of the most organized streaming application. The organization of Mobdro can also be witnessed in the channels it provides to the users. Mobdro offers custom channels on its interface for different genres. It means that a particular genre of a channel would stream the movies of that same genre throughout. For example, if there is a romance channel then it would stream romantic movies whole day.

News – the channels dealing with news will stream the news from around the world through their channels, the news channels available for streaming on Mobdro are ABC news, Fox news, CNBC, NBC, and much more. The list for news channels is huge and nearly all the news channels are available on Mobdro.

Sports – Sports channels such as ESPN, Star Sports, Ten sports, Star cricket, WWE TV, and much more all are available for streaming on Mobdro. These sports channels can be accessed 24×7 by the user. Hence it is recommended for every sports fan to uses this feature of Mobdro in as much amount they desire.

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Mobdro App Features


    • Enables the user to find a free video online and access free video streams on their Smartphone, computer and other devices.
    • Mobdro is an organized application. It also allows the user to have a glance most streamed videos with discovering the top ten videos streamed all around the world on a particular topic.
    • The organization also deals with saving videos for future. Mobdro offers the feature of bookmarking in which the user can filter those bookmarked videos by language or topic.
    • The premium version of the application allows the user to download the video and save their favorite streams from the internet on their respective devices for viewing them when offline.
    • The interface provided by the Mobdro developers is amazingly simple and easy to access and understand.
  • The Mobdro developers have also provided a share button for the users, which can help them to share the videos they like or love with their friends and family.

Mobdro apk Premium and Free Versions

As discussed above, Mobdro application comes up in two versions, i.e. one is free and another one is premium. The user can enjoy the fun of streaming videos on both of them yet there are some differences in both of the versions in the additional feature they provide to the user. If the user has not at all used Mobdro before, they, must try the free version of the application and get an idea of how the application works.

Download Mobdro apk Premium version

The free version of the application provides just one add-on feature with streaming videos online and it’s the bookmarking feature of videos for later reviews. On the other hand, the premium version of the application provides features such as downloading the videos from the internet for later offline review. The Mobdro apk premium version is advertisement free and also has a sleep timer feature which enables the user to save the battery by presenting the movie to end after a certain time.

Mobdro Apk for Android

Before we venture into how to download Mobdro apk for Android you must meet certain system requirements in order to have Mobdro apk for Android phones. Some of the system requirements are the following.

  • Mobdro requires your Android system to be above the 2.3 version and higher of Android.
  • It is recommended that Android version must be above 4 to give you the best of the app.
  • In order to Mobdro apk download and make this app run your phone RAM must be above 512 MB so that it can run smoothly with all the data.
  • There should be enough space after the installation so that files can be stored and your phone needs to have a space of 80 MB and more.

mobdro apk for android

If you meet all the above requirements, you will be able to get Mobdro apk for your Android with ease. This will allow uninterrupted usage of the app without any problem. Let us go into detail about downloading the Mobdro apk file for Android phones.

  • First, you need to change the settings on your phone in order to manually install Mobdro apk.
  • Go to your phone settings and click on application settings.
  • You will see an option called the unknown sources
  • Next to it will be a tiny box and you have to click on it to get a tick mark
  • This enables your phone to download files from an unknown source.
  • Now open your Mobdro website and download the apk file for Android from it.
  • Once you click download and the file is downloaded click on run and let the installation process to complete.
  • Once the process is complete click on finish and this launches the program.
  • This will install your Mobdro file and you will enjoy this app.

 Download Mobdro apk latest Version

Mobdro apk for Windows and Mac


Mobdro on Windows and Mac is what every Mobdro user likes. Having Mobdro on PC is the biggest advantage for Mobdro users as it gives them a large screen to enjoy their movies and shows. Apart from the large screen, Mobdro on PC can be easily installed as it has enough space to accommodate this app and its file.  Here are the steps you need to follow to get Mobdro on Windows and Mac.

  • To download an Android app you first need to install an Android emulator from the web.
  • The best one to use is Bluestacks.
  • Downloading and installing Bluestacks can take long so be patient
  • Once you finish the installation process open the application
  • You will need to give your google login details once the application is open
  • After you login, you can now operate Bluestacks to download the Mobdro apk
  • Type in Mobdro in the search bar of Bluestacks and click ok
  • From the results click on Mobdro apk with the latest version and click on install
  • Allow the app to download and in few minutes, you will have the app.
  • You need to launch the app with Bluestacks every time
  • Go to Bluestacks all apps, find Mobdro apk, and launch it.

With the above steps, you will easily download Mobdro apk on your Windows PC or Mac. Just follow every step without missing out any and you will have this app.

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Is Mobdro safe and legal?

We all wonder is Mobdro safe and legal enough to download it. Since Mobdro is not officially available for PC you need to download it from a safe website hence it is important to know is Mobdro safe?


The answer to your question is yes, Mobdro is safe and legal. While downloading Mobdro you should make sure you are doing it through the official website to avoid the virus. When it comes to legality Mobdro has a disclaimer that they are not responsible if you get into legal trouble for using the app. It is not always possible that the videos are from a pirated source so you can use Mobdro through a VPN connection.

Common Problems in Mobdro App

Every app has its drawback and so does Mobdro app. The most common problems Mobdro app users face are the following.

  • If you saw and were streaming a video one day and the next day it is not there then it means that the video is taken down or it is currently offline. So wait for it to come back online, which will usually take time.
  • Getting a Parse Error- Another problem that the user’s’ face is the Parse error. It means that the Android version one is using is not compatible with the Mobdro app. You need to update the Android system so that Mobdro works.
  • Empty category list- Sometimes the Mobdro app does not show the list of categories that are available during this time you need to check the network settings. Change the setting to Google Public DNS in order to get the list on display.
  • Slow streaming or interruption- When you face an interruption in videos and experience slow streaming you must check their internet connection at first. If it is not the connection problem then the streaming has reached its bandwidth limit and there is nothing that can be done.
  • Connection error- If you see a connection error on your screen check your internet and if there is no problem then check your Android version as it must be higher than the version 4.


Summing up

Mobdro apk is an entertainment app that is available on various platforms. You get can it on Android phones, Windows and Mac PC. Mobdro is safe and legal and you can use this app to its fullest as it has superior streaming feature.

Mobdro can be an amazing application for the users who get some free time and have an easy access to the good internet. Since this application operates and runs through the internet, it’s a necessity to have a good internet connection for extracting the best out of this fantastic application. The application constantly searches for new videos and has a staggering interface for the users. Moreover, the channels provided by the applications are just starting and huge. The user can access nearly all the videos from all around the world and hence Mobdro in one hell of a streaming app which deserves a place on everyone’s device.



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