Best Mileage Tracking Apps for iOS and Android

Going for a drive? If it is related to the business it can haunt you come tax time or even increase your earning. Business owners and self-employed takes much consideration when it comes to the mileage tracking. It is tiresome to calculate mileage manually by recording time and kilometers traveled. This is a traditional method which has been superseded by the technological advancement. We are living in an era where everything is controlled from a common point. This migration has significantly reduced time wastage as well as improving efficiency. Apps to the rescue!  Thanks to the developers who have fervently been in the forefront of making our work easier. With a simple application downloaded on your smartphone, it is possible to trace every move of your vehicle. You don’t need to be present to trail the driver. If you want to purchase a smartphone which can run these applications, visit OZCodes, and stand a chance to win a coupon that will make you get a smartphone at a discounted price. Here is the guideline of best mileage app trackers.

MilelQ (Android, iOS)

Best Mileage Tracking Apps

These apps make all logs for your drives which is essential in planning for your tax. Don’t allow any penny to go out due careless and misguided mileage. MilelQ is free for the first 40 days of the drive but later upgraded after continuing its use. It uses smart detection which records every drive and calculates their value. Some of the notable features of this app is data is stored in the cloud. This means that information security is heightened and no possibility of data loss. As you all know, we are living in a world where every information is key. The beauty of this app is that one can retrieve all data for reference purpose. Second, it facilitates export of data to pdf and other formats from the phone. If you want your data printed, the app has that functionality making it more appealing to the users. Finally, it allows tracking of several vehicles. You just need to log in every vehicle by its registration and model. MilelQ is exemplary awesome!

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Mileage Tracking Apps

TripLog is one of the most downloaded and recommended GPS mileage tracking app in the market. Apart from tracking the mileage, it offers the services of fuel economy. It is downloaded for free, but the users can upgrade. With the most innovative features in the market, TripLog makes mileage tracking a breeze. It automates mileage tracking without the need of logging in into the app. This is advantageous to the driver because he or she can forget to switch on. Further, it provides management tools. This is whereby the owner can track all the vehicles at a common point, with clear information on their exact positions. This is most beneficial to a person running cab business. Likewise, it has paperless support where photos of the receipts can be taken and saved in the cloud storage. Try it and you will never regret.

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Mileage Log+

Taxes are a pain, especially when you are trying to account for all your deductions. Mileage Log makes it super easy to account for your work travel. You just need to switch the app on when you hit the road. Come to the payday, and you need to download all the logs and submit to the accountant. It’s that easy. The main and noticeable features of this app is that it has frequent trips. This is important, especially for agents who make several trips per day. Additionally, it has robust export compatibility where one can send pdf’s emails and any other format of data sharing. If you are that busy over the entire day, making multiple business trips, this one is yours.


Top Mileage Tracking Apps

MileBug assists you to track your mileage and related expenses. It has a one-time payment of around $2.9, which allows you to access its prestigious features. Some of the notable features are; flexible GPS tracking which allows the driver to access direction path. It is possible to edit the way to suit one’s preference. Moreover, it has multi-format export support. This is where the data can be saved either in HTML, PDF, CSV and any other format such as excel and word document. Notable, it is instantly accessed from any phone. The flexible nature of this app makes it more user-friendly.

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Tax Mileage

Tax mileage is useful for agents who want to reduce rejections of their manual mileage submissions to the accountants. It helps generate mileage report. This automated solution enables you to relax while your smartphone’s GPS does all the work for you. The most appealing feature is its high automation. Once you indicate your start point and end point, the application will automatically generate mileage report. Withal, all data is saved on the developer’s server. Therefore, losing your phone is not the end of it all. One can still access the mileage report after downloading a new app.

Start using one of these apps today to maximize your mileage deduction when tax time rolls around. Every coin is important and you cannot afford to lose money by clinging to manual mileage recording. Try one and you will never regret.



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