How to Manage Parked Domains in cPanel

The cPanel helps to assist and host accounts and manage websites. Parked domains can be used to manage more than one web address for advertisement. These are secondary to your parent domain which will display the same website when hosted. This can be used in case you require a website to park your domain and it will be subsidiary to your primary domain. If you wish to add a parked domain or remove the one you can follow the below given step by step guide managing the Parked Domains.

Adding a Parked Domain

Step 1) The first step is to Log into your cPanel account using your username and password. You will see a folder named ‘Parked Domains or Aliases ’ and click on it.

domain aliases

Step 2)
After clicking on the icon you will be further taken to next screen with a label reading ‘Create a New Parked Domain or Create a New Alias’. Here you will be required to enter a new domain name. The new domain will be parked on the top of your parent domain.

create new aliases

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Step 3) Next you will have to click on ‘Add Domain’ after entering the new domain name. After you click the button you would have a new domain parked on your primary domain.

add new aliases

Step 4)
You have successfully created a new domain. Now you know how to park a domain in cPanel.

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Removing a Parked Domain

Step 1) First Log into cPanel using your username and password.

cpanel login-screen

Step 2) You can see the domains section and there you have ‘Parked Domains or Aliases’ and click on it now.

domain aliases

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Step 3) Next you will see below ‘Remove Parked Domain or Remove Aliases’ and now you can choose the parked domain that you desire to remove from your Parked Domains.

Step 4) You will see a column stating ‘Actions’ for the chosen domain. Now you have to click ‘Remove’ and the Parked Domain will be erased from your section.


This way you can easily manage your Parked Domains by following the step by step guide to add or remove any Parked Domain.



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