How to manage domain forwarding in cPanel

You will use domain forwarding when you want to forward the visitors to the other website without removing the prior browser URL. If you do not use the domain forwarding, then the domain name of the previous URL browser will not stay. Without using the domain forwarding, only the URL of new web page will be displayed.

Sometimes, you may want to redirect the traffic of one web page to the other, you can do this while keeping the URL of the prior web page. By following this step, you can manage the traffic of the web page without any interruption.

If you wish to redirect the traffic of one web page to another web page while keeping the URL of the previous web page, you can follow the given steps:

Steps to Manage domain forwarding in cPanel:

    • Login to cPanel:
    • Enter the username
    • Enter the password.
    • Click Login.cpanel login-screen
    • Under Domains, select the Redirect option.domain option in cpanel
    • You will reach the Add Redirect Page, click on the drop down box and select the Type option and then choose the temporary or permanent redirect.add redirect cpanel
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    • Choose the next appearing drop down box while choosing the domain name which you want to redirect.redirect option cpanel
    • If there is any necessity, then enter the name of any folder in the slash ‘/’ field.
  • Within redirects section, mention the address which you want to redirect.
    redirect settings cpanel

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  • Choose between the three options Only redirect with www, Do Not Redirect www and Redirect with or without www
  • Check the box if you wish to create a wild card redirect. It will add the file or folder name following the URL when it will be redirected.
  • Once you finish, click on the Add button.redirect options
  • Once a green color message will appear with the details of your redirect, it means you have finished your work successfully.

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