How to manage cPanel Plugins in WHM

cPanel is a web hosting panel of control which is completely based on Linux. CPanel provides the interface of graphics along with the tools of automation. The main purpose of this control panel is to keep the process of website hosting easy and simple.

cPanel also has allowed the access of API and command line to any one of the third party. cPanel is also known as the dedicated server sometime. Once, you have installed cPanel, it is not easy to remove it

WHM stands for Web Host Manager which is responsible for the access of administrative to the backend of the cPanel. It provides a good range of control and flexibility while managing the websites which are not so popular and well known. WHM can also create a number of cPanels. WHM is the best option for the websites which are business oriented.

Steps to manage cPanel plugins in WHM:

  • Move towards the section of cPanel in the menu

WHM Panel

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  • Under the panel interface, click on the manage plugin option.

Manage cPanel Plugins WHM

  • Search for the thing which seems interesting to you.

Manage Plugins in WHM

  • Whenever you find anything interesting, just click on the checkbox and then select Install and Keep updated option.
  • Once you finish, click on the save option.Activate Manage Plugins in WHM
  • cPanel have been successfully installed and should be active in the cPanel.

In cPanel, the access of the account is given to the account holder only. Creating and managing the email accounts with their files for the specific domain.

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Features of cPanel

  • Installation of control management system
  • Managing the files of websites
  • Edit records of DNS but only for their domain.
  • Check out the statistics of the website.
  • Manage restore and backup

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I hope this tutorial will help you to manage cPanel Plugins in WHM. Please share your opinions using the comments section below.



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