How to Manage Addon Domains in cPanel

The functional domain that can be developed within your cPanel, are known as the addon domain. All the addon domains will have the multiple hosting packages which will share the same control panel. You can treat them same as your domain like give them email addresses and other functions.

Addon domain allows the user to reach the domain while inserting the name of the addon domain in the browser. Let us look at the steps through which you can easily manage addon domains on your cPanel account.

Add Addon Domain in cPanel:

  • Login to cPanel account
  • Enter the username
  • Enter the password.
  • Click Login.cpanel login-screen

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  • After successful login to your cPanel account, under the Domains option select the Add Domains.

Addon Domains

  • In the next step, you have to enter the complete details of the addon. Details which will be required while creating a new addon are as follows:
  • New domain name– Enter the new name of the domain like but do not include www or http in the name.
  • Username/Subdomain name– subdomain folder will be created by the cPanel in public_html folder. cPanel will automatically recommend you the name which does not exist already in the public_html folder.
  • Password– You have to enter the valid password for the creation of addon. The password will be used for the FTP account which will be created by the cPanel itself. You will not need that password in the future.

create addon domains

  • Select add domain option.

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Remove Addon domain from cPanel

  • Click on addon domains option in the cPanel.
  • After scrolling, find the list of the addon domains.
  • Select the addon domain you want to remove
  • Click on the Remove option.

Remove addon domains

You need not worry about the domain name by which the domain is registered. Removing the addon domain in the cPanel will not affect the registration of domain name.

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