Lucky Patcher Review : Is Lucky Patcher Safe to use?

What is Lucky Patcher ?

In this advanced world, everyone wants to perform the tasks in their own manner. Customization has become a necessity today. Everyone desires that whatever they have to do, they can do it in a manner which is completely suitable to them. Amidst these desires, some may think of manipulating apps in their own desired manner. But is it possible?

In this today’s miraculous time, there is nothing which is impossible. Lucky Patcher is all there to amaze you by giving you freedom of living in your own world. You can easily manipulate the apps in your own way, which will include:

    • For proper backups, extraction of APK files


    • For modifications in associated permission of apps


    • Unlock the other paid apps


  • Removing the unnecessary Google apps

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Basic requirement to use Lucky Patcher

In order to use this amazing tool, a rooted device is must to have. You can use KingRoot or TowelRoot for this which is easily available. It makes the processing easy & smooth.

Steps to use Lucky Patcher

To use Lucky Patcher, here are some steps to follow:

  • Firstly, install the Lucky Patcher
  • After installation, you will be directed to a list of all the installed apps on your device.
  • With the list, you will get the icons of actions that you can do with that app.
  • You will get a color code, which will indicate the compatibility of changes in your device. This coding contains six colors, which are;
    • Yellow: Availability of specific patch
    • Green: Registration & disconnection from the Google play can be done
    • Blue: Indication of Google ads
    • Orange: App of system
    • Purple: App for start up of system
    • Red: No modifications can be done

In this way, you can use it in a very convenient manner & do changes as required.

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Lucky Patcher APK for Android

Lucky Patcher Apk for Android

Android users always get annoyed with an excessive advertisement. Lucky Patcher is an App which will help a user to delete excessive advertisement, change permissions, to create the backup of other apps and much more. It gives users real control over the permissions one is given to app installation on Android. It is a powerful tool for removing ads and License verification from apps and games. It is not designed for cracking purposes, but it offers a series of features to manipulate apps and might be a great help in some certain situations. It analyzes the list of apps installed on your device and indicates the action you can carry out.

Requirements to use Lucky Patcher

If you have rooted device, then it is very easy for you to use Lucky Patcher with the help of TowelRoot or King Root, No matter you are skilled or not in this subject. The only requirement is Rooted Device. After installation and run Lucky Patcher will show you a list of all your installed apps alongside the actions you can carry out. Some of the operations can be completely illegal for instance association of an app with Google play can make it very difficult to install.

Features of Lucky Patcher

  • 100% free in-app purchases.
  • Removes ads from apps and games
  • Removes License verification from paid apps
  • Install modded Play Store.

Steps to use Lucky Patcher on Android Devices

    1. Download Lucky Patcher for Android from the Trustworthy site.
    2. Install Lucky Patcher apk file and install on your device. Enable installation from unknown sources.
    3. Launch Lucky Patcher and grant root access. It will show all installed apps and game with “Custom Patch Available”,” License verification found”, etc. written on it.
    4. Tap on toolbox followed by Lucky Patch to Android. Select the first three options and tap apply. Your device will reboot. After rebooting, open Lucky Patcher again.
    5. Tap on the app or game you want to modify and select “Open menu of Patches”. Tap on the desired item and remove license, verification etc.
    6. Now tap on Apply and wait a few seconds. Done!! Congrats!

Lucky Patcher offers loads of info about each app that could be highly helpful, from a compendium of all the associated permissions and their descriptions to the minimum version of Android required to run the app.

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Lucky Patcher IOS

Lucky Patcher Apk for IOS

Lucky Patcher is an app to control your phone apps and allows you to manage all apps easily.  In this app you can play with permissions of any app in your Apple phone and its doesn’t matter either it is pre installed the app or third party app. It also allows you to create your own APK for Android according to your needs and required. Lucky Patcher for IOS is a very useful app to remove Google Ads and License verification.

Lucky Patcher iOS Features

Remove Ads

When you feel irritated because of unnecessary Ads during using any app then Lucky Patcher will provide a feature to remove Ads by just few clicking or settings.

Backup & Restoring of data facility

When you want back your apps and data after happening format or anything wrong which may lose your all data. Then use your Lucky Patcher app which helps in saving all your data in external files and you are able to restore whole data in your Computer.

Convert any app into system app

If you like any app from the app store and want that app as your system app then Lucky Patcher iOS allows you to move any app in system. Then it will become a permanent app in your phone and can’t be uninstalled by Application Manager.

Remove License Verification

When you downloaded any paid app from apple store and it can’t work because of some license issues with your iOS then Lucky Patcher will resolve problem within seconds and you get access to your paid app without any issues

Move App to SD card 

When you are facing low storage problem in the system and you want to download any heavy app. Then Lucky Patcher will allow you to move App in SD storage and your app will be downloaded to your SD Card.

Make In-app Purchases for Free

When we like any app and want to purchase then we face problems of the trend of hacking. But now it’s possible to use all apps for free.

How to Install Lucky Patcher iOS?

Firstly, to install this app on your iOS device you have to download an app “iPadian”. This is just like App Store. Then, in iPadian app do search for Lucky Patcher app and you will get results or find app there and then you can install an app on your device. If, it will ask for any permission then do settings from your settings.

After the completion of installation, you will be able to enjoy or use all amazing paid apps in free without any risk and manage your devices according to your choice.

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Lucky Patcher for PC (Windows 7, 8.1 & 10)

Lucky Patcher for PC

Lucky Patcher is an awesome app. It is one of the android apps but nowadays it is available for windows seven, eight and ten also and with great use. With this, you can easily patch your apps and the license check can be removed. Lucky Patcher for pc can also remove ads and applications can also modify. With the small change in settings, you can also transfer your files easily from your Smartphone. It is convenient to use. In the window, it is used to working without cache but before installing the Lucky patcher in PC you must have blue stacks emulator  You must have to follow few steps o install the lucky patcher;


    • Its size is very large and you to download it completely.


    • Then launch it and go for the search of the lucky patcher.


    • Then install the app and agree all the terms and conditions.


    • Now the shortcut may also appear on the desktop.


  • Bluestack is usually recommended to install lucky patcher. This can be easily downloaded from the official website it can be removed from the play store if you have downloaded from the official website you need to run or to install it.

The few features of the Lucky Patcher

    • In the Premium apps with this license check, can be removed


    • Ads can be removed from the special ads


    • With this activities can be restricted


    • Applications can be modified


    • During booting the application can be patched


    • With this irritating apps can be removed


    • Apps can be backed up & that can be easily stored


    • Limit permission can also be customized


    • Sometimes you may face unnecessary ads or pop ups in between your important works then it can be stopped by the use of Lucky Patcher.


    • Within this you can get many free apps which you do not get easily on other apps it can also remove the license verification of pro apps.


    • This is totally free app just by selecting you can patch to your device


    • You can also store app in your memory card also


  • During the installation step you may be asked for permission but after installation you can also modify the app permission as well.

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Lucky Patcher No Route App

lucky patcher no root

Here we are describing you about the Lucky Patcher No Route App. You can freely enjoy all the benefits of Lucky Patcher if your Android device is rooted. But you may face some issue on non-rooted Android devices. This post is to help you and make you avail of it’s all the necessary features, just by following these simple steps in Lucky Patcher.

Steps to follow for using the Lucky Patcher on non-rooted devices:

    • Firstly download the app file of Lucky Patcher and install it in your device


    • Open Lucky Patcher and tap on any app which you want to modify


    • When you tap on the app, you will see options of App info, Launch app etc. Then tap on “Open menu of patches”


  • Now tap on Create modified.apk on the screen.

Part 1: Apply Custom patch

    • Open all and tap on “Custompatch-applied APK” and then you are able to see custom patch description. Tap on the “apply” button.


    • Now it will create a modified APK file of the app. This process may take some time.


    • If the process is succeeded then you will see a green color written window and if it fails then it will show in red color.


    • Now tap on Rebuild and Install.


  • And then finally install it.

Part 2: Remove Google ads

    • Tap on the option “APK without Google ads” and then tap on Rebuild the App.


    • Now Lucky Patcher will create a modified APK file of that app.


    • If the process is successful then it would be indicated by Green color in window text otherwise in red color, if failed.


    • Now you just need to tap on Rebuild and Install.


  • And install the app.

Part 3: Remove License Verification

  • Tap on “APK without License verification”.
  • Follow the same steps as described above in Remove Google ads.

An end note on Lucky Patcher no Root

Lucky Patcher is an amazing app and can be used hassle free in non-rooted devices. It’s the best app to use. Though which you get many new attractive features. You can explore it more with friends or use it just for fun. It is an absolute safe app and highly recommended by its users. This app does not harm your device in any manner. It is getting better day-by-day and continuously adding more apps for the patch. It is hard to provide all the apps for patch because thousands of new apps added daily in play store. Still, Lucky Patcher gives options of almost most popular apps.

Lucky Patcher Not Working

Lucky Patcher not working

If lucky Patcher is not working then there are some ways which you can follow to make it re-work.

The most effective way is to

  1. Uninstall the lucky Patcher app
  2. Install it again

In most cases, this method works and you have your working app again.

The second method to make the app work again is

Update it i.e. lucky Patcher app. Sometimes it doesn’t work due to an older version of the application but you can solve this problem easily by updating it. If it is still not getting solved then use the first method that uninstalls the application of Lucky Patcher and then download it again for reinstallation.

Another problem which you can face is rooting or non-rooting of your device which may lead to the non-working of the app of Lucky Patcher. You don’t have to worry. There is a solution available for this problem too. Let us know about it.

Steps to root the android device are as under

1st: Download Kingroot.apk

2nd: Install it on your Android device for free.

3rd: After launching it, start rooting your phone.

4th: After some time the result screen will appear on your phone.

5th: If it gets successful then your job is done.

  • But what if your phone is not rooted and still you want to use the app?
  • Yes, you can use it this way also.
  • How and what will be the benefit of rooting the device?
  • The benefit is that if the phone is rooted then it can make the changes in the app whichever is required.

But if the phone is not rooted then what you can do to install and use the app is as under-

  1. New patched APK generation using Lucky Patcher
  2. Uninstall the already installed Lucky Patcher app
  3. Download it again that is the application of Lucky Patcher.
  4. Install it i.e. install the patched version of Lucky Patcher.

The above methods work for most of the problems which you can face while using the Lucky Patcher app.  These are the most effective ways known for making the app work again if it is stuck or not working due to any cause. Hope these will help in solving the problem of nonworking of the app in most of the cases. Out of all these methods, the first method is the most successful one and also the simplest one with the greatest efficacy.


Q: Why should one prefer Lucky Patcher?

A: Unlike other apps, Lucky Patcher has numerous things to offer you. In order to help you for convenient dealing with any app, it provides a hub of knowledge. Moreover, it tells about the usability of the app, that whether a particular app is worthy to use or not. It gives an excellent platform to do modifications as per the need.

Q: Is Lucky Patcher safe to use?

A: Yes. It is completely safe & secure platform. There is nothing illegal about which you would worry. Everything is so smooth & safe that you will love to use this platform.

Q: Is it possible to remove ads?

A: Yes, you can easily remove the ads from the app, which disturb you all the time. It is superb stable & one can use it for the enriched experience of using any app.

Q: Will it make any trouble?

A: Not at all! The app is fully user-friendly. Yes, there may be minor issues, but you don’t just need to worry about that. That too depends on you. If you use it properly & don’t make any type of mistake then it is very safe & troubles free app to use. Lucky Patcher will definitely give you wonderful experience.



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