Powerful Link Building Methods

There are a number of ways of link building that will help your page rank high in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Every entrepreneur offers his/her products using the web or with the help of Internet and they want that their client should have all the information over their items on the website for the better satisfaction. This is the main reason for investing money on the website.

If in any case, nobody will visit his website because of the absence of the website in the search results, then the site is no utilisation and a totally waste of money. Now, this is the point where we need SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO helps in improving the website rank in the search index results using organic (natural) methods. Earlier I had written an article about the SEO and Its Importance. You can refer to the following Link if you have missed it.

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What is Link Building?

Link building is a technique or process where we get a link on our website from some external websites or page. This is the one of the main practice used for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  According to me, link building is not a process of getting links that are redirecting to your website. Building link is a difficult, time-consuming process which helps you to increase your brand awareness and sales as well. Getting a link is important to rank a website but getting a link from an authoritative website is more important. Getting a link from an authoritative website is a hard task but not impossible. So I am sharing some of the important link building strategies which will help you to get quality backlinks for your website and convert your visitors into customer.

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Why is Link Building Important?

In Google algorithm, Link building is one of the main ranking factors. If there is an increase in the number of High-quality backlinks or more sites are linking to your website then you can see a massive improvement in the rankings of your website.  Imagine you are running a plumbing business and promoting your products online. You are also competing with other plumbing suppliers as well. If your website will have a higher link popularity then your competitors only then Google will display your products before your competitor.

There are other factors which are also important to rank your website. These are:

  1. On Page SEO and content optimization of your website.
  2. Anchor texts from where you are getting backlinks.
  3. The quality of the backlinks you are getting.

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Let’s discuss some common as well as uncommon Link Building Strategies.


Blog Commenting:

As the name itself suggests that this technique needs to do something related to Commenting and sharing Ideas over the blogs related to your niche. In this procedure, one can put his/her connection in the web blogs relevant to their products and business. This strategy is generally utilized as this is a standout amongst the most success full techniques to roll out positive improvements within the ranking methodology!!

Blog Posting: Blogging is a well-known name furthermore a creative approach to exhibiting your services or products. You can give your website link over blogging websites and that’ll lead you to enhance your page rank!!

Forum Commenting:

A forum is a discussion board over a topic of different Interests, Look for a relevant forum and start a discussion over the product or services you are offering. You can also place your website link you are promoting in the discussion board.

Profile Linking:

Profile linking is a powerful approach to improve your blog visibility or to promote your website. It is a very simple method. You only need to make your profile on various Linking websites with an URL you need to improve! What’s more, you can also contact clients and other members to avail your services.

Directory Submission:

There are numerous Directory Submission websites some are free and some are paid as well. While improving a website ranking remember this thing that you need to incline a high PR (Page Rank) websites and provide the correct information about your product. Many times these directory submission sites ask for a reciprocal link that suggests the sharing of connections between the site we need to improve. This is one of the most effective method for marking your website or Blog.

Infographics :

To set up infographics is a fun, it’s a pictorial representation of the services we are offering to our customers. There is numerous information realistic websites that can depict your services in a more liberal way!!

Questions and Answers Websites:

This is the latest way to build backlinks, These stages are massively well known among the people. People always have questions in their brain so they find Q & A websites simple to answer their inquiries.So why not to explore these websites in a productive way. Don’t spam there, this will bring about an end of your online blog. So build great authority on these websites.

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Attempt To Get People From Social Media:

You can talk with people from online networking websites who have substantial users on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social platforms. Some of these bloggers love the exposure and need to connect to numerous great blogs as much as they can do. Offer them some work, a hefty portion of them will respond positively. Doubtlessly you can find that a most of them will work for you and show excitement.

Hire Established Bloggers In Niche:

As the world of bloggers getting more and more caught with spammers, so there is a desire to have a genuine blogger’s who can contribute genuine quality to the content. So definitely there is a need of established bloggers. Simply try to contact bloggers like freelancer specialist who can take up work and can build quality content for you. Hiring them is not a bad idea at all as they will produce unique quality content for your readers. By doing this you can attract users & genuine followers.

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