LG V30 Rumors will Give You Glimpses of the Coming Wonder

LG V20 was a great success that boosted the business of LG mobiles, and now after the extreme success of the predecessor, the V series is ready with the coming V30. The release date of LG V30 has not been confirmed yet, but it is a fact that we can expect it at the end of August, as just before the IFA 2017 event which will start from September 1st in Berlin.

LG v30

Here is a list of the possible LG V30 specs that we can expect to come up with the release of the phone.


The plan of LG  to go with the Snapdragon 821 processor for last release G6, thwarted due to some supply issues. Thus now it is quite an obvious thought that the newer Snapdragon 835, will be part of the V30, which is about to release. The Chinese social media site Weibo declared the V30 would have the Snapdragon 835 inside, along with 6GB of RAM. Though nothing is confirmed yet!


The brand claims the phone will support a wireless charging. And if that happens, it will indicate that the V30 can offer a glass design at the back to support the feature. It will be huge for the brand to bring something extraordinary that will eventually make it one of the most cherished possessions of this year.

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The tease from Google, the LG V30, will have an OLED screen. There is a possibility of the secondary display too. With LG G6 an 18:9 aspect ratio came to the first modern smartphone. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 followed the same trail.


Reports highlighted that the upcoming LG V30 has chances of running on the much talked about Android O. And it seems that the operating system will get preinstalled with the LG V30 but we cannot say anything now as the officials of the company has not given a nod to it. Therefore, we can only predict it at this moment.

Release Date

LG is preparing to launch the LG V30 in August. LG V20 was announced in September 2016, but LG made the decision to restrict the sales of V20 to South Korea, the U.S., and few other certain other international regions. This time too this system of selling will continue or not, only the time can tell.

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Wrap Up

LG V20 was a huge hit and being the competitor of Samsung, LG is trying its best to stand before it. As Samsung has merged up the Note and the S series, where some of the features of both the sets are identical to some extent to merge, LG too is following the footsteps of it and coming with the glass back for instance that has been part of G6 and will be available for the V30.

It will be thus interesting to see whether this new approach will work for LG or trash down the attempt! We have to wait few more weeks to know that.


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