Kickoff meeting always proves productive. Your one slip up can easily scoop off the entire cream. So, kickoff meeting can save you from a big loss. But as the name suggest, for a successful kickoff you need to be prepared in advance. For that, just follow this 10-step checklist and open the doors of victory:

Set up the vision and goals

Your first point must be to clarify the overall project idea and set the team goal.

Set team roles

Identify the team members and make a list that bespeaks their names, departments, phone numbers, roles, email ids etc.

Develop initial project

Participation of each team member in developing is a pre-condition to success. It’s most imperative to involve them in finalizing each detail and let them give their inputs.

Set out the standards

Make it clear to everyone that how their performance will be measured? What will be the standards? The more the expectations will be clear, the more will be the best outcomes.

Be prepared for the bottlenecks

Risks are inseparable. So, let the team aware for all bottlenecks that they may face and make them clear that you are always available in adverse situations.

Establish communication logistics

How will the members update one another? How often can they communicate? Set up the whole schedule and communication logistics so that there can’t be any project delay.

Make an outline of priorities

Select the project methodology and best practices to follow and then make an outline of all priorities.

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Decide about the tools

The whole team must be familiar with each tool so that no hurdle in productivity can be there.

Schedule kickoff meeting

Schedule it and make sure each member attends it either via video conferencing.

Set the agenda and communicate it

Make it and send to the team for an uninterrupted kickoff meeting.

Escalate the productivity with an engaging team and well-planned efforts. 


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10 Steps to a Kickass Project Kickoff: A Checklist for Project Managers


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